Where did I put my keys?

We've heard that people like to search on the Internet and want things like the things they're looking at.

Translation: we finally added search to the site. We tested quite a few solutions and found 'The Google' to be the best. All pages are now search-enabled from the navigation bar, and just hitting "return" will take you to your results. It will work the same cross-device (we know how you people like IAOFM on the go).

Also, "Recent Originals" on the right side of every article/post/diatribe/confession has been replaced with "Related", which should give you other items related to the one you're reading (unless, of course, there aren't any). For example, looking at Doug's latest post about roster cuts will show you other roster-related stories.

As always, if you run into any problems, please email me.

David is a Bears fan. Besides being the only non-Broncos fan on the IAOFM staff, he is emailed every time Jay Cutler does something stupid. He is emailed a lot. You can follow him on twitter @singer or visit his insanity over at hockeyfights.com.

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