Whatcha, done Willis? Lard 10-19-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! I hope that today you’re feeling at least a bit better than you were yesterday. Josh McDaniels announced yesterday that Matthew Willis would be placed on IR after breaking his foot on Sunday. Meanwhile, he did not have any comment regarding the health status of Eddie Royal or Kevin Vickerson, both of whom left Sunday’s game with groin injuries. Hopefully, McD’s silence means at least that there’s a chance they’ll both play.


Here is Josh McDaniels’ presser.

Renaldo Hill and Tim Tebow spoke to reporters in the locker room.

Correll Buckhalter was on CBS4 yesterday discussing the game.

Legwold sums up McDaniels’ press conference.

It sounds like Zane Beadles may keep the starting spot at right tackle over Ryan Harris for at least another week.

Klis on Willis and how the Broncos may use his roster spot.

Andrew Mason on Renaldo Hill and his PI penalty.

Legwold answers a question about the potential of Demaryius Thomas.

He also peeks at the schedule and reminds us that Denver is 4-12 in its last 16. I’d love to know what that has to do with anything…

Klis on strength of schedule (I’d say strong to very strong) and other notes.

LJ takes a closer look at Tim Tebow’s special package.

Meanwhile, Krieger says Tebow will need to throw sometimes. Have much will we hear that this week?

Well, Legwold says the same. Who knew that Tebow was the biggest story from Sunday aside from the PI call? I didn’t…

George Bretherton goes over some of the more questionable penalty calls from Sunday.

LJ shares some notes on Jokeland.

Legwold thinks we’ll be seeing Kyle Boller at QB for Jokeland on Sunday.

Klis responds to his weekly collection of emails. Not very good this time. What he and one of his readers don’t understand is that on 3rd-and-10 or longer, you’ve got a better chance of gaining the first down with a draw play or screen than you do with a traditional passing play. It’s not just playing keep-away, and it certainly isn’t Josh McDaniels’ ego or vanity.


More on the likelihood of Boller starting at QB.

Sounds like Darren McFadden will be back for Jokeland but your guess is as good as mine at this point.

Notes from the CCT on Jokeland. Sounds like they’ll again be without WR Chaz Schilens and DT John Henderson.

The Dolts are likely to be without WR Malcom Floyd and PK Nate Kaeding on Sunday versus the Patriots.

Nick Canepa on Norv Turner, AJ Smith and blame.

Picking up the pieces from the Chefs’ disastrous fourth quarter Sunday.

A beautiful look at the Texans’ game-winning TD via Tecmo Bowl.


Green Bay placed TE Jermichael Finley on IR.

Will the NFL start suspending players for helmet-to-helmet hits?

Matt Bowen thinks suspensions would be an effective measure.

Mike Lombardi thinks the Dolts are lacking toughness. In his summary of Sunday, he says the Broncos had their chances but blew it.

Here’s what CHFF learned from Sunday.

FO’s email exchanges from Sunday. They spent a lot of time discussing the PI call on Hill, and how they would change the rule.

Brian Burke shows us the tackles-by-position numbers for each team. Broncos don’t get many from their D-Line, but not only is that typical of the 3-4 teams, but they get more than most 3-4 teams do. Plus, nice to see that the safeties aren’t having to clean up too many messes.

KSK brings some sense to MMQB. I’m kind of disappointed they ignored the Big Fat Innuendo, but oh well.

Tom Brady had a hissy fit on Sunday.

Finally, our old enemy Junior Seau had quite the rough Monday, probably a bit of ‘roid rage and the realization that the Dolts suck.

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