What about Brock?

Good Morning, Broncos fans! All of the talk recently has rightly been about Peyton Manning. But what about his backup?

In his latest mailbag, Mike Klis says he can't see Brock Osweiler signing a second contract if Manning plays out his own deal, which runs through 2016.

Brock is signed through 2015, and has attempted all of 21 passes in his 2.4 seasons.

When he hits free agency in March 2016, he'll be just 25 years old, and any real NFL experience will have only followed a potential injury to Peyton.

It's conceivable he'll have thrown just 40 or 50 passes by then, and with a sample that teeny, there will be no conclusions to be drawn.

Putting oneself in his shoes, as Klis does, it's difficult to envision Brock wanting to stick around.

Really, though, what will his options be?

No other team is going to hand him a starting job.

And anyone who gives him a chance to compete for one, frankly, would have to have a pretty rough QB situation. Something like the 2014 Texans, where Ryan Fitzpatrick is starting over Tom Savage and Ryan Mallett (New England's last next Tom Brady, before they drafted Jimmy Garoppolo).

Osweiler may have to go compete with the Ryan Fitzpatrick of 2016, wherever that guy is (perhaps playing under Adam Gase, but why would Gase go somewhere without a top QB?).

Those situations don't present themselves very often, and they're also not exactly appealing.

Who knows, maybe Peyton will sign a three-year deal after his current one is over, and this is all moot.

At that point, we'll have yet another referendum on the 2012 drafting of Osweiler, but let's keep in mind that this would be happening with whichever QB Denver had picked.

Had the Broncos drafted Russell Wilson (as my boy TJ wanted them to) or Nick Foles, we would know as much about them as quarterbacks today as we do Osweiler, which is to say pretty much nothing.

Be it Wilson or Foles or Osweiler, Klis would still be getting these mailbag questions, and his responses would still be the same.

But it's far from a foregone conclusion that Brock is gone after 2015, unless of course, the Broncos aren't as fond of him as they've let on (certainly possible).


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