Were Broncos fans screwed out of chance to buy SB tickets?

Good Morning, Broncos fans, and welcome to Media Day! Okay, we're not actually that excited about the arrival of Media Day, even if the Broncos are involved.

How much have the players been looking forward to it?

Well, Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch may even take on a $100K fine to avoid speaking at it.

That about sums it up, no?

Broncos News

Videos: BTV on Monday's practiceTerrance Knighton's emergence, and DRC's future; John Fox speaks after practice; Champ Bailey and Shaun Phillips visit with NFLN. 

This story has never gotten much play in Denver, but during his childhood, Knowshon Moreno apparently bounced among homeless shelters in the Bronx with his father.

As they do each week, the mother and grandmother of Demaryius Thomas will watch Sunday's game from prison.

In between his XFL and NFL careers, Paris Lenon spent some time as an overnight mail sorter for the USPS.

Much has been made of what the Broncos have overcome this year, but no hurdle was greater than the one Eric Studesville faced - the sudden loss of both of his parents.

Broncos Analysis

Echoing what we've stressed many times in the past, Jason Lisk says it's really important to consider that every cold weather game Peyton Manning ever played in prior to last year was on the road, and often in the playoffs, against really good teams.

Here are some lengthy profiles of Terrance Knighton and Champ Bailey.

We're selfishly heartbroken that Lindsay Jones omitted "Fat Man" from her list of Peyton Manning's playoff audibles.

Joel Corry offers another look at how the Broncos got from Josh McDaniels to the big game.

Friday marks Chinese New Year, and the start of the Year of the Horse.


Pete Carroll thinks the NFL must consider the possibility of allowing for medicinal marijuana use among its players.

Carroll says Bud Grant's influence was a major help in helping him get back into the NFL.

After a week of introspection, Richard Sherman looks back at his infamous rant with some regrets.

Like John Fox, fullback Michael Robinson has overcome a frightening health scare to make it to SB 48.

Bucky Brooks and Mike Silver on running back Marshawn Lynch.

Davis Hsu studies a few of Seattle's third-down conversions from the NFC title game.

It took Seattle reaching the SB for Skittles to finally sign Lynch to an endorsement deal.

SB 48

Accuweather's forecast for Sunday evening is now calling for a temperature of 32 degrees and just a 16% chance of precipitation; if Sunday is a success, it could open the door for other colder venues, including Denver.

Ticket prices are continuing to fall, and now may be as good a time as any to buy; Seahawks fans are expected to outnumber Broncos supporters, and perhaps that's because the Broncos and NFL were more interested in turning a profit than selling to Broncos fans; Denver remains a 2.5-point favorite in Vegas.

Wideouts Wes Welker and Doug Baldwin have each overcome short stature and diminutive expectations to thrive in the NFL.

Here's a collection of great lesser known tidbits on these SB players from their high school and college coaches.

Figures on both sides say previous SB experience is overrated.


Baltimore indeed hired Gary Kubiak to run its offense. Ugh.

Dallas added Scott Linehan as a playcaller; Mike Pettine brought Jim O'Neil along with him from Buffalo to coordinate his defense in Cleveland.

Atlanta extended the contracts of coach Mike Smith and execs Rich McKay and Tom Dimitroff.


PFF: Observations on the two teams from Nathan Jahnke, Gordon McGuinness describes Denver's secret superstars, and Ben Stockwell examines how players have been trending.

Although Mike Tanier will cover Media Day more seriously than he has in the past, he has a few ideas to liven up the proceedings.

Will Leitch lists some of the more ridiculous parties happening around town this week.

Christmas Ape interprets Peter King's MMQB column, with a special focus on PK's praise for Josh McDaniels.

Naturally, Skip Bayless & Co. pondered whether Tim Tebow could have led these Broncos to the Super Bowl.


Chase Stuart takes opponent strength into consideration while ranking quarterbacks by their playoff performances, with particular attention paid the all-important Manning/Brady comparison.

ANS: Efficiency metrics for each team; Brian Burke concludes his series on momentum in the NFL.

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