Was Virgil Green’s suspension really triggered by ADHD meds?

We've recently been quite critical of the NFL for the manner in which it has punished players who have failed PED tests and subsequently blamed doctor-approved ADHD medications.

The differing suspension lengths and seemingly inconsistent handling of subsequent appeals had caught our attention. Psychiatrist claims that individuals who lack a clinical need for ADHD meds have nothing to gain by taking them, only confirmed our suspicions.

Today, yet another player was suspended four games for PED use and proclaimed his innocence via the ADHD excuse. Giants safety Tyler Sash says he's been taking Adderall under a doctor's care, and claims it was that medication that tripped up his PED test.

But what if Adderrall wasn't actually behind these positive tests?

As Mike Florio points out, the NFL does not release any details regarding drug suspensions. This leaves the players able to perform their own public image repairs by offering explanations that may or may not have even a shred of truth. According to Florio, this loophole is what prompted players to claim in the past that their positive drug tests had been triggered by tainted supplements.

It's quite believable that ADHD meds are the new black. Rather than shifting the blame to an over-the-counter supplement and just saying, "I'll do my due diligence going forward," or some version of that, players can now hide behind the sympathy-inducing justification of a prescribed medication. Such an excuse is only strengthened by the fact that ADHD meds have a negative affect on those who ingest them unnecessarily.

What? Virgil Green is afflicted by a developmental disorder, took medication to treat it, and was suspended? Poor guy.

Additionally, he was denied a lesser penalty on appeal, while others were able to win reductions? Unfair!

Obviously, count this author among the suckers who bought into that tale.

Doug is IAOFM’s resident newsman and spelling czar. Follow him on Twitter @IAOFM