Wade out on his Bum again Lard 11-9-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! I don't mean to kick Wade Phillips while he's down - I just couldn't resist the cheesy pun, and it's a perfect time to thank him for keeping the seat warm in Denver until Shanny decided he was ready to take over. Then again, Wade did manage the dubious feat of guiding Denver to two straight losses to Jokeland (then in L.A.). In consecutive weeks. So yeah, Wade seems like a nice guy and all (and a stellar defensive coordinator). But how can we ever forgive him for that?


Kiszla puts the Peyton Hillis trade into proper perspective. Yes, I said "proper."

Legwold tries to do the same.

LJ points to the biggest issues overhanging the second half of the Broncos' season.

Andrew Mason reminds us that yes, things could be a lot worse.

Plus, Mason makes the case for changes small rather than large.

Legwold speculates on what could happen with Josh McDaniels and his staff if the Broncos flop in the second half.

Wow. In Klis' newest mailbag, he encourages the doom-and-gloom mindset and admits to not knowing what the "A" gap was before the last year or so. Yes, this is a professional football writer...

LJ looks ahead at the Chefs.

Brandon Lloyd is going to respond to questions from fans in a DP column.

The 23-year old Tim Tebow, who scored a 22 on his Wonderlic, is working on a memoir. Did I mention that he's 23?


The Chefs have extended LB Derrick Johnson's contract with about $15 million in guarantees.

Did Sunday bring Chefs fans' expectations back to ground level?

Jokeland may stick with Jason Campbell at QB.

Acee makes the MVP case for Philip Rivers. Plus, notes on the Dolts.


Jerry Jones replaced Wade Phillips with Jason Garrett. CHFF thinks that somewhere, Doug Flutie is rejoicing.

The Panthers have lost QB Matt Moore and LB Dan Connor for the rest of the season.

SCOTUS has declined to hear an appeal from the NFL on the StarCaps case.

Matt Bowen ponders the violent hits prevalent in the NFL.

Alan Schwarz continues his exemplary journalism with a look at how schools like North Carolina are using accelerometers to measure the blows to the head suffered (and delivered) by their football players. Thankfully, UNC is using that information to teach its players techniques to help avoid such hits.

Dave Goldberg shares his view of the season's first half.

In his wrapup of the week, Pat Kirwan suggests that ex-players should help in adjudicating fines for head-to-head hits.

Peter King argues for Tom Brady to be ahead of John Elway on the 100 Greatest list. Honestly, I'm fine with that. Now, as for ranking PK's BFF Favruh ahead of Elway? That's obscene. I'm sure he'd love to make the case, even if the numbers PK provides clearly show Elway to have accomplished more.

KSK reinterprets PK's MMQB for the better, as always.

Mike Silver points out that winning is the cure-all for the reputations of guys like Ben Roethlisberger.

CHFF revisits some of the more laughable boasts of the NFL season thus far.

Brian Burke examines whether the Lions should have gone for two rather than have Ndamukong Suh attempt an extra point on Sunday.

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