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Hello again, Broncos fans! Players are scheduled to report to Dove Valley today and open training camp tomorrow morning (schedule).

They will undergo physicals this morning, check into the team hotel, and then gather in the afternoon for a team meeting.

According to Mike Klis, Von Miller will be in attendance, and faces an August hearing to appeal his four-game drug suspension. Adam Schefter reports that the league is aiming for a hearing in mid-August, if not sooner.

Klis speculates the amphetamines that Von tested positive for in 2011 were not deemed performance enhancing, else he would have been suspended that year.

He also floats the possibility that Miller's suspension may have been triggered by a missed test, rather than a positive urinalysis result.

Klis isn't necessarily suggesting that's what happened in Von's case, but it's nonetheless something to keep in mind before labeling him a braindead repeat offender.

Now of course, if he missed a test, then he's likely at some fault, but presumably, we'll eventually learn more details, confidentiality be damned.

FWIW, Von did claim to having done nothing wrong - not that we should necessarily assume he's being truthful.

Broncos News

Derek Wolfe vouches for Von and says he assumes the suspension was triggered by "some kind of flaw in the system."

Wes Welker opened a new restaurant in Oklahoma City last weekend.

Broncos Analysis

Mark Kiszla thinks the NFL's policy on marijuana use is ridiculous, and of course, we agree.

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Jeffri Chadiha thinks Denver will be fine without Von Miller for four games, and he's more interested to see how he uses this episode to grow as a person, player, and locker room leader.

Doug Ottewill wonders if any veterans like Peyton Manning will provide a Gipper-like speech to the team like Shannon Sharpe did in 1997, as they face whatever turmoil they're perceived to be facing.

Eric Goodman thinks Denver's floor is a 10-6 season, and here's where we remind you that Manning has won as few as 10 games only once in his last nine seasons.

Lindsay Jones says Denver's players have been using the playoff heartbreaker as motivation for this season.

So far, news of Miller's suspension hasn't hurt Denver's Vegas odds, if you care.

Among players, Rex Ryan says Peyton is his greatest nemesis.

NFL Analysis

Former NFLers Esera Tuaolo and Wade Davis discuss their own torturous pasts as closeted gay players, and they encourage any currently closeted players to come out.

David Epstein says the coming population study doesn't actually figure to result in an effective HGH testing program, but rather may serve to help mask widespread HGH use among players.

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Gregg Doyel correctly stresses that history will not look kindly upon those who support the blatantly racist name of Washington's football team.


In the second part of Bill Barnwell's player value rankings, Peyton Manning comes in at #29, while Von Miller is #17. Barnwell again ignores NY/A and ANY/A while comparing Manning to an NFCN quarterback, this time Matthew Stafford (the other day it was Aaron Rodgers). Someone who spends as much time with stats as Barnwell should know better than to rely so heavily upon counting stats while eschewing rate metrics. Meanwhile, Barnwell suggests that Von's production could fall off without Elvis Dumervil on the other side, and we'll just have to see how that plays out.

Bucky Brooks lists one player from each NFC team who he thinks have the most pressure to perform in 2013.

Chris Harris's 2012, Champ Bailey's 2010, and DRC's 2009 seasons are among the best by corners as graded by PFF since 2008; no Broncos make their list of the best safety seasons since 2008.

In an Insider post for ESPN, FO's Rivers McCown ranks the Broncos as having the 13th-best players under the age of 25.


McCown puts J.J. Watt's ridiculous 17 tipped passes from last year into perspective; it's not a surprise that Shaun Phillips is among the five-year leaders in that stat, but how about Justin Bannan?!

Chase Stuart discusses the remarkable and unique careers of inside linebackers London Fletcher and Patrick Willis.

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