Von’s return bigger than Peyton’s

Good Morning, Broncos fans! While tonight's biggest story from a human interest and television ratings aspect is the return of Peyton Manning to Indianapolis, the return to the field of Von Miller is a more important one for the Broncos.

Denver may be 6-0, but their pass rush has been lacking, seemingly only bearing fruit when Manning's offense has built big leads and rendered opponents one-dimensional.

Von's presence, plus the expected return to the lineup of Wesley Woodyard, and a presumably less rusty Champ Bailey, should give us our first glimpse tonight of what we've all envisioned for this Denver defense.

Miller is most often described as a top pass rusher, but the reality is that he's a devastating all-around defender, and one of the best against the run as well.

What about his attitude and maturity, though? Until this past summer, Von had seemed like the kid who said and did all the right things, and he came across as genuine. The suspension, and the circumstances that led to it, told us otherwise.

Von says he's changed/changing, but is that just more lip service?

So far, so good, according to Jason La Canfora, who cites sources at Dove Valley as having been impressed by how Miller has been handling himself.

La Canfora writes that Miller has been "more prompt and focused," is spending more time in the film room, and showing more interest in the details of the game.

One Denver source says there's even been more weight behind Von's carefully chosen words:

“He's been more focused,” said one source who has been in close contact with Miller. “He's a better listener. He's more thoughtful with his word choice. He's always been great at saying the right thing and telling you what you want to hear, especially when it comes to conditioning and diet and that stuff, but now he's actually stepping up and doing it.”

Granted, this encouraging quote could be from Von's agent, and only time and actions will provide real answers.

But at least we'll start to find out, and see Von play football tonight.

Welcome back, Von. You've been missed, 6-0 start notwithstanding.


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