Von’s empty words

Good Morning, Broncos fans! There's not much with which to sugarcoat Von Miller's six-game suspension.

However much he's said in the past that he's done nothing wrong, Von still got himself into the league's drug program with multiple positive tests during his rookie season.

It may be lame to penalize players for smoking marijuana, especially as it is now legal to do so in Colorado, but it's not like Von was making a political statement when he lit up, right?

Obviously not, given the Ryan Braun-like denials.

Surely, everyone remembers this quote from last month:

The guy I was two, three, four years ago is not the guy I am

Yesterday, the 2011 DROY and 2012 All-Pro offered up this gem, prior to the announcement of his suspension:

The media, they can do some crazy stuff to you and paint a different picture. But the fans know me for going out there, laying it all on the field, being a great teammate, entertaining the fans and just being the fun Von. That’s who I am, that’s who I’ve always been, that’s who I’ll continue to be.

See, Von, the trouble here is that you actually have to be allowed onto the field to be a great teammate and entertain the fans.

Also, are you a different person than you were a few years ago, like you declared in July?

Or, are you who you've always been and will continue to be, as you announced yesterday?

There's no doubting that Von Miller is a tremendous on-field talent, and he indeed appears to have a fun personality.

But, as Mark Kiszla puts it, he may also be completely full of shit.

It will likely take quite some time for Von to prove otherwise.


Videos: John Fox, Peyton Manning, and Paris Lenon speak after practice; John Elway and Fox address Miller's suspension.

Elway says the team didn't know about Von's potential suspension until after they'd let Elvis Dumervil go to Baltimore.

Ryan Clady will make his preseason debut on Saturday night.

Lenon mostly observed his first practice with the team, but he's expected to mainly be a middle linebacker in Denver.

Ryan Lilja has been out for two days with a knee issue; Manny Ramirez should start Saturday against St. Louis; John Moffitt started 15 games at center during his Wisconsin career.

Broncos Analysis

With the specter of a one-year suspension forever hanging over his head for any further drug program transgressions, Von might have kissed the prospect of a megacontract goodbye. He's certainly given up any leverage to demand that the Broncos discuss a long-term deal prior to 2015, the option year they will surely pick up next offseason. Obviously, this isn't how they wanted to arrive here, but it may now be easier for Denver to re-sign its key players over the next couple offseasons, including Demaryius Thomas, Chris Harris, and Eric Decker.

Andrew Mason discusses how the Broncos will attempt to fill Von's shoes, and he revisits the Seattle debacle.

Will Brinson thinks the Broncos will be relatively fine without Von, especially since they have Peyton Manning.

With all that's happened to Denver's defense in recent days, Bill Barnwell is reminded of how fortunate they were in 2012 relative to health.


A group of retired players is suing NFL Films over its use of their images to rake in the dough for the league.

Eagles QB Michael Vick and Browns QB Brandon Weeden have won their respective positional competitions; Philly reportedly does not plan to trade Nick Foles.

Bills S Jairus Byrd has finally signed his franchise tender; Robert Mays explains what makes Byrd so good.

Oakland signed former Broncos tackle Tony Hills and claimed LB Chase Thomas off waivers from New Orleans; Kansas City also claimed a player from the Saints, guard Ricky Henry, for whom they waived LS Brad Madison to make room.

Tampa Bay signed kicker Rian Lindell, who had been cut by the Bills a day earlier; Miami released CB Richard Marshall; Arizona added WR Mike Thomas, whom Detroit had dumped the prior day; the suspension for Texans DE Antonio Smith will indeed stretch one game into the regular season.


Andy Benoit on the Texans; Drew Magary on the Chiefs and Raiders.

According to one statistical measure by Chase Stuart, Peyton Manning's 2004 Colts team featured the best group of offensive skill players of any squad in history.

Going back to 1991, which is as far as FO's data stretches, former Bronco Leonard Russell was basically the worst of all NFL running backs.

Bill Barnwell continues his look at momentum in football, including a major correction from the first segment.


So far, Richard Dietsch isn't fond of Fox Sports 1's highlights packages and overdone cross-promotion, but he lauds them for actually crediting other news sources, unlike the Worldwide Leader.

Joe Buck, who isn't nearly as good at his job as his dad was, is reportedly dating former Broncos cheerleader and current NFLN reporter Michelle Beisner. Anyone see that one coming?

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