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Good Morning, Broncos fans! We've arrived at the deadest of dead zones in the NFL news cycle.

Minicamp is over, and the Broncos are 5.5 weeks from the July 25 start of training camp. Also, it's Monday, and most football writers don't do a whole lot between Saturday night and Monday morning.

I'll do my best over the next month-plus to dig up links that I think are worth reading. But today, just a quick postscript on yesterday's Lard.

Judging by the comments, I obviously didn't do a very good job of accurately expressing my thoughts on Paul Klee's report that the Broncos had cut Willis McGahee due to health concerns, rather than as a respectful favor to the veteran. "Klee's report would actually suggest quite the opposite," is probably the offending line.

To be clearer about it, I do not think the Broncos did anything wrong or underhanded when they cut McGahee.

Granted, there figures to be a conflict of interest where the team's doctors cleared McGahee to practice, while also also (allegedly?) expressing concerns about his knee/leg to the front office.

to McGahee: Willis, you're good to go.

to John Elway: Psst. If you keep McGahee around long enough, he's bound to reinjure himself, costing you between $500K and $2.5M for a running back going on 32 years old.

Hence, the limited practice reps, followed by his release.

This is a larger issue that will surely come up again - players relying upon team-employed doctors for medical advice, despite the obvious point that teams don't really care about the health of their players beyond their on-field usefulness (see Chao, Dr. David). This is an NFL problem, not a Broncos-specific one.

But, back to this specific story with Denver and Willis.

I think the Broncos did the smart thing here; I'd been suggesting, ever since Montee Ball was drafted, that Knowshon Moreno would be kept over McGahee thanks to age and cap considerations.

That health may have been the primary factor isn't exactly a shock, although it seems it may have expedited the decision.

I'm just not down with suggestions that the timing of McGahee's release was motivated by a desire to do the right thing by him, or out of the goodness of the Broncos' hearts, that's all.


Von Miller, Mitch Unrein, and Montee Ball each say they'll be back in town within a couple of weeks to resume working out at Dove Valley.

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The NFL may have a woman serve as a permanent on-field official as soon as the 2014 season.

Former Chiefs GM Scott Pioli has been hired to join NBC's Sunday Night Football crew as an analyst.

The accuser behind the false rape allegations that landed Falcons LB Brian Banks in prison for five years has been ordered to pay $2.6M to the Long Beach Unified School District.


We've never referred to an edition MMQB as a tour de force, but today's guest column from former Saints special teamer Steve Gleason undoubtedly qualifies. The 36-year-old Gleason details his battle with ALS from diagnosis to today, and discusses the difficult question of whether he'd play football again given the choice (there's some belief that head injuries cause ALS). It's an absolute must read.

Chase Stuart considers the stickiness of Air Yards and arrives at a rather surprising outcome.

In his latest mailbag, John Clayton doesn't seem convinced that the Ultimate Teammate™ will stick in New England.

Khaled Elsayed lists the top ten edge rushers over the past five seasons according to PFF's grades; third-year players like Von Miller, J.J. Watt, and Aldon Smith did not qualify.

Neil Hornsby discusses Tarvaris Jackson's return to Seattle and Victor Butler's season-ending injury.

Rob Rang evaluates the draft classes of the Bucs, Falcons, Saints, and Panthers.

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