Von Miller suspension

John Fox claimed ignorance Monday when asked about the possibility of Von Miller being suspended as many as six or eight games.

According to Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen, Von's suspension was triggered by a diluted drug testing sample. During a test administered prior to an offseason workout, Miller apparently spilled his sample, and was unable to provide another one.

He drank fluids throughout the workout, and then gave another sample, which was subsequently deemed to be diluted.

Per the ESPN report, the positive marijuana test that first put Von into the league's drug-testing program occurred immediately following the 2011 lockout.

Back in 2011, there had been much debate about whether the league would or could suspend players over transgressions that took place during the lockout, when there was no drug testing. (If Von was getting in some last free puffs during the lockout, then he apparently didn't cut himself off early enough.)

Mike Klis reports that in a negotiation with the league, Miller is attempting to have his suspension reduced to four games, while paying a six-game fine.

Klis also adds that Von was essentially blindsided by the ESPN report of a six-game ban, which would explain Fox's reaction.

Jason Lisk's reading of the league's drug policy suggests that Von may be entering the third stage of the NFL's testing program, which would mean his next positive test would result in a one-year ban.

But according to Ian Rapoport, the NFL may already view this as a second or third offense for Miller, with an eight- or sixteen-game ban already on the table.


The financial impact of a longer suspension would be quite severe for Von, as he'd forfeit part of his original signing bonus. In the case of a six-game ban, he would make only $262,699 for 10 games in 11 weeks upon his return.

Mike Florio is reminded of the Richard Sherman suspension, which was overturned due to testing issues, and he says there are too many loopholes in the drug testing system, including the possibility that sample collectors are incompetent or even negligent.

On the field, a Miller suspension would mean quite a bit of responsibility would be heaped upon Nate Irving, Shaun Phillips, and perhaps rookie Quanterus Smith.

Even if losing Von would seriously harm the Broncos' pass rush, Mike Tanier thinks the way Denver's schedule is set up, it shouldn't have significant playoff implications.

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