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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Yesterday afternoon, we discussed the Denver futures of Von Miller, Demaryius Thomas, and Ryan Clady.

Let's consider a few more points about Miller's situation, because it's not a simple matter of prioritizing one player over the others.

To be sure, Miller is the best player of that trio, and perhaps to a greater degree, most important to the Broncos in the long term. Therefore, he's undoubtedly the one guy we'd all choose for Denver to lock up with a lengthy, lucrative deal - more than any other player on the roster.

But chronologically, it's rather unlikely to play out that way. Check out this provision of the current CBA:

A Rookie Contract for a Drafted Rookie may not be renegotiated, amended or altered in any way until after the final regular season game of the player’s third contract year.

Crazy as it is, considering the level of complete dominance Von has achieved this season, this is only his second year in the NFL, which means he cannot be given a new deal until after the 2013 regular season is complete.

At that juncture, the Broncos will also have a chance to trigger a fifth-year option on Miller, which would pay him the average of the league's top ten 2014 linebacker salaries (currently at $8.2M, but sure to be higher by then) as his guaranteed 2015 salary.

The absolute worst-case contract scenario here is that Denver will retain Von's services for another three seasons, but they'll then have the chance to use their franchise tag on him in 2016 and 2017.

So, Von is here to stay. It's our guess that the team will give him a whopper of an extension sometime before the 2014 campaign, when he'll be due to make just $3.24M (the same as his 2013 salary), but obviously, it remains to be seen when Von's extended, and for how much.

As a benchmark, recall that Mario Williams got $50M in guarantees to head to Buffalo (where Ralph Wilson is plainly struggling to make a buck, amirite?) this year, and know that Von is exponentially better than Mario. The flip side, of course, is that Williams was an unrestricted free agent, and if Denver tags him twice, Von won't become unrestricted until after the 2017 season.

But, on an imaginary open market, Miller - and Houston's J.J. Watt - would probably become the highest-paid non-quarterbacks in NFL history, as far as guarantees go. BTW, each will turn just 24 years old this coming February.

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out, but don't worry about Von taking off for pastures elsewhere. That's just not happening.


Videos: John Fox says Peyton Manning is a time management expert, and that the team won't be underestimating the Chiefs; as per usual, Manning reiterates those latter sentiments from the head coach.

Peyton says he hopes the scores from the Texans and Patriots games aren't shown at SAF@MH during the game, but it's hard to imagine the team won't know what's transpired in Indy, being that it's an earlier kickoff.

As Mike Klis sees it, Chris Kuper is trying to get back onto the field for Sunday's game. At this juncture, given the opponent, and the situation, why risk another setback, when the Broncos may not have to play again for another 2.5 weeks from now?

Jeff Legwold says that among injured defenders Ty Warren, Jason Hunter, and Jeremy Beal, the younger Beal is the likeliest to return to the Broncos in 2013. Also, Legwold thinks maybe, just maybe, the Broncos will finally use a top pick on a defensive tackle come April, given that he thinks the field of talent available at that position will be relatively deep.

Pro Bowl

Really, let's not get too upset over who got in and who didn't. How can we expect a completely flawed system to provide perfect results? 

With 12 selections each, Manning and Champ Bailey each have the most ever at their respective positions.

Doug Farrar (Thomas and Decker missing out), Khaled Elsayed (Doom making it), and Jason Cole offer their assessments of what went wrong with this year's voting.

Does anything express the silliness of the Pro Bowl better than five players from the worst team in football - the Chiefs - being named to the team?

Meanwhile, it's apparently considered a "snub" for a 91.2% kicker to be beaten out by one who's made 96.6% of his FG attempts. While we're looking at FG percentages, let's note that Matt Prater's career high for accuracy (88.9% in 2010) would only rank 12th in the league this season.


Baltimore added Ray Lewis to its 53-man roster, but he won't play in the season finale against Cincy.

Brian Hoyer will start for Arizona in their season finale at San Francisco, just a few weeks after they clamed the QB off waivers from Pittsburgh. Should be fun times for the ex-Pat, who will be facing Aldon Smith & Co. behind an offensive line that has allowed a whopping 56 sacks, which is of course the most of any team.

Cleveland signed QB Josh Johnson; Philly placed QB Nick Foles on IR and signed DT Antonio Dixon. Also landing on IR were Chargers NT Aubrayo Franklin and S Brandon Taylor, Cardinals TE Rob Housler, Giants TE Travis Beckum, and Panthers G Amini Silatolu

Josh Brent was indicted on one count of intoxication manslaughter in the death of his friend and teammate Jerry Brown.

The Ultimate Teammate™ admits to having complained about the playcalling for his time in the Wildcat with the LOLJets, but he claims he never asked out of the package. James Walker isn't buying Timmy's side of the story, while Matt Bowen says this has all been about Teebs finally being introduced to the realities of the NFL.

Expectedly, Scott Mitchell is disgusted by Lomas Brown's admission that he intentionally allowed Mitchell to get hurt while both were with the Lions. Whatever Brown's motivation for discussing this publicly, his participation in one of the lawsuits against the NFL over head injuries can't figure to endure.


Bucky Brooks sees in the Cowboys an explosive offense led by Tomo Romo that no NFC team would want to face come the playoffs, if they make it.

Clark Judge thinks Shanny deserves mention among the year's top coaches, but why he thinks Pete Carroll will be overlooked is beyond our comprehension.

KSK captionizes Week 16 at the expense of Buttfumble and the UT™.

Will Leitch follows up with his worst sports media performances of the year, which are naturally dominated by the Worldwide Leader.

Anyone think this guy, who will get a tryout with the LOLJets, would be a suitable potential replacement for the inaccurate Matt Prater? Only 

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