Von Miller: Denver’s Bubble Boy

In light of the slew of negative headlines attached to Von Miller of late, the Broncos have circled their wagons around their young star.

According to Lindsay Jones, the team is doing all it can to keep the 24-year-old All-Pro out of further trouble.

To that end, Von has spent extra time with coaches and Jerry Butler (the team's player development director), been joined in Colorado by his parents and brother, and his lawyers and agents have been in daily contact with the team.

Says John Fox about Miller's recent legal issues:

Anything that can be done, we're doing. In a good way, some of this is getting cleaned up. I would remind people it's traffic citations, and we're helping him get those cleaned up.

I've had multiple traffic tickets, to be honest with you. It's just a matter of handling it, getting it paid because people want their money, and handling that right away, and we're helping him do that.'

In one positive development, an Orange County Superior Court spokeswoman said that despite earlier reports, no arrest warrant was ever issued for Von in California in 2012.

On Wednesday, a spokeswoman for the Orange County DA told the DP there was an open warrant for Von's arrest over a failure to appear regarding a traffic ticket. Thursday, she set the record straight:

I wasn't sure. We make mistakes. My punishment for it is I'm getting a hundred phone calls today.

Miller is currently serving a six-game suspension for violation of the NFL's substance abuse policy. While he's banned from practicing with the team, he is attending meetings and working out at Dove Valley; he's declined all interview requests since his suspension was announced.

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