Vince Young: the Norm Peterson of Cheesecake Factory Lard

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Peyton Manning (video) was of course asked about his arm strength yesterday, since his three interceptions on Monday were a bit floaty in nature.

But as one would expect, Peyton didn't have much to say, because what can he possibly offer? He's already told us many times that he's not 100%.

For his part, Eric Decker says Manning "hummed" the deep middle pass that sailed through the wideout's hands, and he of course says he should have caught the ball there.

Chris Harris and Chris Kuper did conditioning work, but neither practiced yesterday; Kuper is reportedly still a week away from practicing. Quinton Carter and Von Miller were limited, while Joel Dreessen and Brandon Stokley are on the injury report but were full participants.


John Fox (video) spoke after practice; obviously, he says he expects Peyton to play better on Sunday; players spoke about cutting down on mistakes and the Texans' dynamic rushing attack.

While some are already interpreting his lack of sacks to mean that Elvis Dumervil is either not playing well or hard enough, Doom is tied for the league lead in QB pressures, according to PFF. Now, if these replacement officials would get offensive holding calls correct...

Lindsay Jones says the reason we haven't yet seen Ronnie Hillman this season is more about his all-around play (blocking) than the health of his hamstring.

Jeff Legwold is our Mathlete of the Week for correctly calling it a turnover margin rather than a ratio. Bravo, Jeff. Meanwhile, he hits up the Rolodex to find that Von Miller is the Broncos' most explosive defender. How about that? Also, he says teams are going to continue to challenge Joe Mays & Co. with their tight ends, and why wouldn't they? After all, Mays can't cover.

As if on cue, Mark Kiszla says Dumervil has been a nonfactor, and he incredibly says the team lacks an identity.

Peyton is among Will Brinson's Week 2 Coach Killers for his three picks.

According to Chase Stuart's calculations, had the Broncos completed the comback Monday, it would have been the greatest comeback after exactly three quarters of any game since 1978. (This is measured at the 45-minute mark; it doesn't mean it would've been the best fourth-quarter comeback.)

There's a rumor that Stink pees into a closetful of towels up at Bristol. Probably not true, and the Worldwide Leader denies it, but like John Koblin, we hope like hell that it's true.

Rod Smith will take his rightful place in Denver's Ring of Fame at halftime of Sunday's game.


Dreessen, the former Texan, doesn't really think he has any magic secrets to help his new team beat his old one.

DE J.J. Watt was named the AFC Defensive POW, and he's set as a goal to get a sack on Manning.

Old friend Rick Dennison praises the Denver defense's speed and aggression, although he probably says that about every opponent, ever week.

As Andrew Mason reminds us, Houston's Broncos ties go far beyond Kubes and Dennison, most notably in their zone blocking in the run game.

With both Arian Foster and Ben Tate at their disposal, Houston is spreading the carries around to keep Foster fresh.


Oakland signed CB Brandian Ross off Green Bay's practice squad after waiving long snapper Nick Guess; Detroit claimed CB Jerome Murphy off waivers from New Orleans; Jacksonville signed WR Maurice Stovall and are listing him as a TE; Seattle WR Golden Tate was fined $21K for a crackback block, and plans to appeal; Niners LB Clark Haggans was suspended three games for violation of the substance abuse policy; Chad Johnson's divorce has already been finalized.

The blowback for Washington WR Josh Morgan's moronic penalty from Sunday has arrived in the form of death threats from fans.

Example #9,583,003 that Roger Goodell and the NFL's owners are a bunch of dicks: the league has threatened to fine San Francisco 49ers QB Alex Smith for wearing a baseball cap of the NL West-leading San Francisco Giants to postgame pressers, something he does as part good luck charm, part civic pride. Oh, and they fined Smith's teammate, CB Tarell Brown, $5,250 for wearing red sleeves under his jersey on Sunday.

The AP is reporting that much of the money Vince Young earned in the NFL is gone, and that VY's attorneys can't agree whether Young's spending habits, or poor financial advice is more to blame. For his part, VY says the whole thing is overblown, while word out of Nashville is that Young used to drop $5K a week treating his teammates to meals at the Cheesecake Factory. Naturally, Christmas Ape has some fine ideas to help Vince find employment.

Brilliant and hilarious Vikings punter Chris Kluwe shares what a day in the life of an NFL punter is like. (via SportsGrid)

Not only is Jerry Jones cheap about officiating, but he didn't want to pony up for the domain name, and it's now become a gay dating site. Awesome.

Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland, still a dick.


Former defensive lineman Seth Payne says the problem with what the Bucs did on Sunday wasn't that they were actually trying with the Giants in victory formation, but that they did so unannounced - especially after Eli Manning told them he would be taking a knee.

Mike Freeman hears the Pats may be preparing to trade Wes Welker, that the referee lockout could extend into the offseason (!!), several NFL coaches are upset at Greg Schiano's antics, and that Teebs will get heavy playing time in Miami.

More tributes to the late, great Steve Sabol from John Fox, NFL Films producer Jeff Jorden, Deadspin's Michael Oriard, and several others.

Matt Bowen breaks down Philly's Hi-Lo Triple-In Flood and the Niners' Smash-7 concept; Bucky Brooks analyzes C.J. Spiller's coming out party for Buffalo.

Unsilent Majority captionizes Week 2's action; Chase Stuart still thinks Denver will win 10 games, while Mike Silver ranks them tenth.


New meme: Smokin' Jay Cutler (via With Leather). Naturally, BMarsh is sticking up for his BFF and says, "Jay is a guy that everyone wants to play for."

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