Vegas sportsbook releases 2013 lines

Despite their soul-crushing playoff loss, and even prior to their mostly excellent preseason, the Broncos have been 2013 overdogs.

As the recent Week 1-16 lines put out by Cantor Gaming suggest, nothing has changed there.

Among those 15 games, Denver is favored in 13, including eight games by a margin of at least six points, and three by double digits.

The only games in which the Broncos aren't currently favored are their Week 12 trip to New England, for which they're 1.5-point underdogs, and the Week 16 game at Houston, which is currently a pick 'em.

Week Day Date Opponent Favorite Spread
1 Thursday Sep 5 vs Baltimore DEN 7
2 Sunday Sep 15 @ Giants DEN 1
3 Monday Sep 23 vs Oakland DEN 13.5
4 Sunday Sep 29 vs Philadelphia DEN 7.5
5 Sunday Oct 6 @ Dallas DEN 2.5
6 Sunday Oct 13 vs Jacksonville DEN 14
7 Sunday Oct 20 @ Indianapolis DEN 3.5
8 Sunday Oct 27 vs Washington DEN 6
9 BYE        
10 Sunday Nov 10 @ San Diego DEN 3
11 Sunday Nov 17 vs Kansas City DEN 7.5
12 Sunday Nov 24 @ New England NE 1.5
13 Sunday Dec 1 @ Kansas City DEN 4
14 Sunday Dec 8 vs Tennessee DEN 10
15 Thursday Dec 12 vs San Diego DEN 6.5
16 Sunday Dec 22 @ Houston Pick N/A
17 Sunday Dec 29 @ Oakland N/A N/A

That's a lot of orange and blue on the board (not actually, but if you squint just so...).

FWIW, the uncertainty surrounding the health and ability of Peyton Manning, plus the hardest schedule in the history of sport, prompted Cantor to open with Denver favored in just seven games.

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