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A lot of the MHR faithful have been concerned with Peyton Hillis and his rehabilitation from his injury of last year. Many of us cringed just watching that circus catch with the obvious injury it created, but Hillis didn’t drop the ball then and he’s not going to drop it now. The name of the ball is rehab, and he’s become a fixture around Dove Valley this winter. He's constantly getting treatment and getting stronger for next season.

Said Gray Caldwell on the Broncos web link,

“As long as I’m in here getting better, getting stronger, getting faster, there’s really not a problem for me,” he said.

Hillis said that it hasn’t really clicked into his mind yet that he’s not rehabbing from last season but really preparing for 2009. But he knows he wants to get into that mindset soon.

“Everything starts off slow because you are injured and you are working toward that goal to get back healthy,” he said. “Especially now because there’s a new coaching staff and a lot of things are going to be changing, you kind of want to get to that point where you’re healthy so you can start learning the playbook and start getting adjusted to things.”

You have to love Peyton’s full speed ahead, destroy-all-encumbrances attitude. Wherever they decide to play him next year, you have to know that he’ll show up to the OTAs and training camp with the playbook memorized, his body in football shape and his attitude positive. Maybe in the offseason he’ll make a little time to yank around his pickup, just for old time’s sake.



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