Ultimate Teammate™ gets ultimate letdown

Here they come at a furious pace--a wave of Tebow-related articles that all basically say the same thing:

Rex Ryan finally decided to bench Mark Sanchez, but he won't let Tim Tebow start.

Mike Freeman is hearing that the Ultimate Teammate™ feels like he was lied to.  Jeff Darlington thinks Tebow will ask out of New York (very un-team) and compares the situation to when Tebow was in high school and decided to switch schools so someone would let him play quarterback instead of linebacker.

The problem with this, of course, is that the UT™ isn't in high school any longer.  He can't huddle with his parents and pick a new school where the coach gives him what he wants.

Or can he?

Doug Farrar suggests he can--if he's willing to give the CFL a try:

Unless Tebow wants to give up the ghost and concede that his football future lies in another position, his best chance to get back on his feet as a quarterback might be in the Canadian Football league. Currently, the Montreal Alouettes hold the rights to Tebow were he to become available and decide to head north of the border. And Marc Trestman, the Alouettes' head coach and former NFL quarterback guru, is a big believer in Tebow's potential.

Farrar goes on to suggest Trestman would be a great fit for The UT™:

Trestman said that Tebow had no issues with running an offense under center, and praised the coaching he received at Florida. Maybe that's all Tebow needs at this point -- someone who will take the still-raw clay and try to mold it. A move to the CFL wouldn't hurt in one other way -- there's been a move to a higher percentage of option plays in Canada for a number of years, and teams like the Winnipeg Blue Bombers look very much like something drawn up by Mike Leach or Chip Kelly.

These days, just the mention of Chip Kelly sends fear through the hearts of coaches everywhere.  It's speculated that eventually Kelly will make his way to the NFL and take it by storm--going for two constantly, going for it on fourth down frequently, and bringing an offense that features quarterbacks that both run and pass.

It's easy to dismiss this Tebow-to-CFL notion, given the issues with the Jacksonville Jaquars.  But we've seen crazier things.  Remember that Kurt Warner once played for the Iowa Barnstormers.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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