Typical NFL kicker Matt Prater misses two field goals

In his debut for the Lions, Matt Prater went 1/3 on field goal attempts, making from 52 and missing from 50 and 44.

This doesn't mean Prater isn't any good, or that the Broncos were right to cut him last week.

Prater is far less than automatic, just like most NFL kickers.

He's not the best kicker in the league - and never has been - contrary to what Mike Klis, Ben Hochman, and others would have us think.

Rather, he's pretty much an average kicker in today's NFL, who happened to make most of his kicks in 2013, including a 64-yarder during a 51-28 blowout.

Of course, the 2013 Broncos outscored their opponents by an average of 12.9 points per game, so very few of Prater's kicks were of any consequence.

The Broncos weren't right to cut Matt Prater because he missed two field goals today.

The Broncos were right to cut Matt Prater because they were paying him far too much to be a typical NFL placekicker.

Chances are, Brandon McManus is going to miss his share of kicks, too.

But when he does, he'll be missing them at 1/8 the cost.

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