Williams, McBean banned 6 games for PEDs, non-human urine reportedly in samples

D.J. released a statement proclaiming his innocence, including:

Instead, the NFL contends that I provided a non-human specimen.  I have never failed a test of any kind – for steroids or illegal substances – during my eight-year pro career.  I am proud of my record and proud of the way in which I conduct myself as a professional athlete and citizen.

Green has also released a statement:

I was suspended for four games for taking ADHD medication prior to obtaining an exemption from the League.  I have now obtained the proper exemption to take the medication that has been prescribed to me to treat my condition.  I apologize to my teammates, coaches and fans for my mistake and will make sure to never let anything like this happen again.

6:20 PM: On ESPN, John Clayton says that some non-human urine was found in the samples belonging to Williams and McBean, and that the person responsible for collecting their samples was subsequently fired. Clayton says the two players already appealed to the Commish and lost. Hmm, remember Onterrio Smith and the Whizzinator?

Per Vic Lombardi:

Two Broncos to receive 6-game suspensions for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. Names coming shortly. Ryan McBean and DJ Williams suspended six games each. They will file federal lawsuits against the NFL this Monday. The players claim tampering during the process. Again, they will file federal lawsuits against the league.

Virgil Green suspended 4 games for violating NFL substance policy. That's now THREE in one day

FWIW, D.J. is due a $5M base salary for 2012, while McBean is an unrestricted free agent. According to our notes, cutting Williams would mean a $1.8M cap hit for this season.

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