Twitter catfight erupts over Revis rumors

Denver Post reporter Jeff Legwold has not been a fan of Darrelle-Revis-to-Denver speculation, not one bit. You may recall this nugget from two weeks ago...

...which was followed a few minutes later by this:

Are they "people," or are they people, or are they people? We may never know. Presumably, Leggy was dumping on that sub-journalist known as Incarcerated Bob, who had reported that Denver was offering a first- and third-rounder in return for Revis.

But a few days later, an actual journalist and person (presumably, by Legwold's standards) in the form of ESPN New York's Rich Cimini, reported that Denver was indeed interested in the all-world corner:

For those of you on Revis Watch, pay attention to the cornerback signings, starting Tuesday. That could tell us where Revis might be headed. The Broncos have expressed interest, according to a source.

Hours later, here was Legwold's response:

He respects Cimini so much, that he refers to him as "many" and "them." Niiiiiiice.

So, why are we dredging this back up today, with the Broncos already having signed Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, and thus definitively out of the running for Revis? Well, because Legwold went there, that's why:

Less than half an hour later, Cimini responded:

Now, now.

The whole story is presumably moot at this point, given the DRC signing.

And the reality is we'll likely never know whether the Broncos were ever interested in Revis - whether they had internal discussions about making a run at him, or actually made the LOLJets an offer.

The only way we'll know for sure is if/when Elway actually says they did, and we don't really foresee that happening.

Until then, we'll just have to follow the Legwold/Cimini pissing contest to its conclusion.

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