Tweets of the Week - Wendy’s nuggets and pointy noses

Time to hit the tweets, with plenty of insight into our Broncos this week. As always, none of these tweets have been altered in any way, innocent misspellings inclusive. It's all meant in good fun, so hopefully you'll get a good laugh as we head into the weekend...

DJ Williams is not quite what we'd call a foodie, but he sure has specific tastes:

Anyone else get fries from Micky D's then drive to the nearest Wendys and get nuggets ?

DJ's discernment is not confined to fast food. Remember when DJ was talking about trying to outkick his coverage and all? Well, now he's trying to do something about it...

Wanted: 5'5-5'11, 130-160lb depn ,long jet Blk hair, drk eyes, olive skin, nice smile, must have a pointy nose, sense of humor.. Hit me up!

And DJ has commissioned none other than Marcus Thomas and Ronnie Fields to help him narrow down the field of potential pointy-nosed mates:

Lady send pictures of ur nose to @PRESSURE91 @MarcusThomas_79 , it's a quik screening process...“@MsRAZAN: thts whts so crazy about it. Bt I like ur type grin Just ask for 5'3” if 5'3 better u make up for it in ur beak length...“@Bombshell_Mel@DjWilliam55 You got a pointy nose fetish? Freak.”yes and it's bad!! If I see one I like I have to touch it,...@sbaileyxo your nose makes the cut, but u look a lil thin...@Diana4occhi cnt compromise my list sorry.. Halla if u bulk up...@Bombshell_Mel just looked at ur avi, ur nose def is wht im lookn for but those beautiful Blonde streaks are takn away from the drk hair smile...@PRESSURE91 @marcusthomas_79 wait for them to send yall pic for yalls approval...@Bombshell_Mel I know what fam means, I was talking about Swiss beaks...What if I actually found someone of my tweet. Stranger things in my life has happened

Von's now-infamous tweets about his new tattoo, plus his reactions to the reactions:

It's a watermelon slice, a chicken leg, a dollar sign, and a hater! Haha it's not finished doe ...Guys, I'm poultry science minor... Hints the chicken leg.. Duh... Hahaha...I'm tatted like a biker boy!...I forgot about about the keyboard thugs.. Hahaha.. I love watermelon and chicken legs!! Hahahahaha so I can't love hort and poultry?? Haha...I might get me a Fishing Pole on me next!!!! With a catfish hooked!!!!!!!!!...Lol.. It's all funny To me.. Y'all kno me.. Hahaha.. ...I'm a Poultry Science minor! grin

Zane Beadles wants to know if it's cool for him to go get some artificial rays:

Is it ok and socially acceptable for a 300 lb man to get a "base tan?" ...It's an overwhelming yes!! And I always say tan fat looks better than white fat... 

Von Miller on his specs and his apparent crush on Rihanna:

Do you think @rihanna would wear a pair of Von Miller glasses? Hahahaha...Everybody Tryin to wear prescription glasses any way! Hahaha.. I never thought it was coo.. I NEED THESE! Hahaha...I know you lookin... So how I look??...Ima love machine, and I won't work for nobody but you!!!

Eric Olsen is not the biggest of hockey fans...

Hockey players are such punks no wonder no one watches this sport...Haha you guys didn't like that one huh? I love hockey played for 10 years.. but the players are punks. Think they are toughest dudes ever...ANY football player over ANY hockey player in a fight.. (minus QBs and specialists) @BQ9 @JimmyClausen...I'm just playin around I have a lot of respect for ALL other athletes...@LCSmidmore Rugby is the real deal. Those dudes are beasts.

...While Julius Thomas has no love for the Heat:

You know what im going in on the  the whole fourth quarter. All heat hate...I dislike the  so much my oven says pre- warm...For everyone on  I would rather wear a pink beiber fever shirt all day than a heat headband inside out!!!...The last time I was so mad to see someone  Scar killed Mufasa and became king of pride rock... should be added to the 4 letter word group not to be said on air...How can the joker, the penguin and the riddler win? This goes against everything I know...All these brand new heat fans kill me!! You are the same people who bought snuggies and shake weights. Jump on anything... Smh...Whew!!!! The universe does have balance! Mavs are ...All the sudden no one knows how to @ me. Get outta here! I guess  is a good spot for ...The flick of D wade holding his eye pleading for a foul sums up why I hate on the ...Lebron won the gene lottery..... but the clutch gene wasn't part of the deal!

DJ isn't so interested in ladies with hair extensions...

Sweaty club weave is top 10 worst smells.... Rock a natural instead ladies

While Cassius Vaughn has some commentary on the women of Houston:

Why all the baddest chicks I met in Houston were cougars....I love it tho @indmix

David Bruton fed his golf fix, if not overly well:

Jus Got My Golfing In. First Time Doing 18 Holes In A Year...@BRONCOBOB303 not today. 119 better than I thought...@bblev77 heatherwoode in Springboro...@jsb82779 Not great. But first time in a year...@bblev77 The rough was thick. I mean THICK

A pair of Broncos chime in on college athletes and compensation:

Ryan Harris: I have always said pay college players and give class credits. The band gets scholarship, class credits and can accept extra scholarships

Ryan Clady: NCAA Athletes should get paid. But who's going to jump on the players side, everyone else at the schools are paid.

TD on his favorite flick:

I've seen Friday about 400 times. @Terrell_Davis is there a movie you've seen more than ten times? If so which one?

Stanley Daniels has some great Twitter advice, although of course this column might be a bit more boring if his teammates agreed...

who really puts all there own bizness on twitter. All ur man bizness, every arguement, all ur personal biz on twitter who does that...Why would put u and ur personal bizz on blast...Twitter is a great way to b nosey and have fun doin it. But its not a personal posterboard for everyone to see...If twitter is your tool to subliminally shoot at people dont b sensative when people respond. And I Wasnt even shooting on everthang !...Your strongest enemy is the one who kno yo weak spot!! -faboulous-Dam makes me think alot about my immediate circle of people in my life!

Ugh. Focus, DJ...Focus...

Beach day, ready to show off my 4 pack, not dedicated enough for a six, plus 4 pack means I still like to party.

Gotta wonder if Demaryius Thomas will gain entry to the Fat Man Tour...

Bout to go to the range..Haha imma be like tiger today...18th hole finish and done..

Apparently not all the rooks got playbooks when they showed at Dove Valley...

Wishing I had a playbook to study right now. Had a dream about it last night. I was treating it like the bible.

Hmm. Not so sure Beadles and his artificial tan should be passing judgment, but...

A guy walking a rat dog with a pink leash has to be the worst thing for his  Is there anything more detrimental??...A rat dog is a dog that has to wear one of those harnesses because a real collar won't work... 

Dominic Douglas...soon to be working a stripper's pole near you:

If this lockout doesn't end soon they are going to force me to start booking private striping gigs smh!!!...For bookings call (314) HOT-CHOC

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