Tweets of the Week - Three-bill catfight

The days of Alex Gibbs maintaining a gag order on the Broncos' offensive line are long in the past, and today let's point out that it's a good thing. Obviously, back then it was kind of funny - especially the kangaroo court rulings - but the main reason it was okay at the time was that the Broncos were winning, and racking up 1,000-yard backs like Raiders fans do felonies. The downside of that code of silence was it made it much harder to get to know our favorite 300+ pounders, even if today we may wish we didn't have to hear quite so much about Stink's chili. Thanks to the wonders of social meda and Twitter, we now have plenty of daily and unvarnished insight into the personalities and non-football activities of the Broncos' big guys. In that light, let's check in on some more recent bickering between Eric Olsen and Zane Beadles:

Olsen: Watching some lax right now. But how about this action shot of yours truly?? @WYeatman88 ...And here's the caption... @WYeatman88 

Beadles: @EOlsen69 I don't know what's worse. The fact that you played lacrosse or the fact that you still have that picture. 

Olsen: @zanebeadles is jealous that he was never an athlete in his entire life. # Beadles: @EOlsen69 please... We can compare pasts 

Naturally, Kyle McCarthy couldn't resist chiming in, and Beadles responded...

McCarthy: @EOlsen69 @zanebeadles @trobinson78 oh great here go... Linemen arguing over who was more athletic and who has the better abs and body.

Beadles: @KMcCarthy34 @eolsen69 @trobinson78 we all know the answer...

Von Miller headed out to Sin City last week...

White linen in Vegas.. I'm on my Big Chief swag...Had all my clothes sent to cosmopolitan so I dont have to pack! Winning!...grin Hangover part 3!...Limo service!!! Yes!...Honestly, after being in Cali and Vegas, I'm a big fan of House music.. So much emotion and energy...Made I home frm Vegas, safe and sound, alittle outta shape doe.. Time to work it off

Eric Olsen has his priorities in order, at least as far as the Broncos are concerned:

My job requires me to be 300+ lbs. 

And he apparently has at least somewhat decent taste as far as television goes. Or, at least not terrible...

Things seem to be much better now that the Jersey Shore crew is out of the country. 

While LenDale White has a different reason to be single...

I don't have a girlfriend!!!! Don't belee in em!!!

Zane Beadles continues to feed the golf addiction...

About to check out Ravenna golf club. Supposed to be a top 10 course in Colorado 

Alright had to of lost at least 10 balls but Ravenna was beautiful! Gotta work on my game some more.  

Time to get this golf weekend started!! Bali Hai here I come! 

Plus, David Bruton has caught the bug:

I Wanna Go Golfing...Just leaving driving range. Some people's car were in harms way haha

Wes Woodyard's social commentary on tax season:

 they spend up they tax returns instead of paying off their bills for a couple mths! happens same time every year

Plus, some advice from Wes for women struggling with low self-esteem:

Ladies if you low on self confidence just go to  you will get hollered at from dusk til dawn

And perhaps WW has been doing some online dating?

yall better stop falling for those Facebook profile pics (dont believe the hype) they can be misleading! lol

if you ever worried bout if your daughter will become one of those fast/bad females? just look at her facebook pics they never lie!

But Eddie Royal sees the helpfulness of Facebook:

Thank you Facebook if it wasn't for you I wouldn't remember anybodys birthday

Britt Davis, Tim Tebow and Brandon Lloyd apparently worked out together in FL...

Had a great day of work down in sunny JAX with the fellas @TimTebow n @mrblloyd now time for dinner 

Ryan Harris is putting in some work for the Minnesota Visitors Bureau...

This is why people live in Minnesota. 

...While Zane Beadles is not buying it:

@ryanharris74 and this is why they don't 

Harris' reaction to Beadles and Lance Ball, who got a good laugh out of it...

@LanceBall35 @zanebeadles propaganda. Anyone can see that frozen tundra is Salt Lake City!!!! Haha

More life advice from Woodyard; plus, his exciting evening plans:

It's some real F'd up people in this world like really y'all need to start thinking about other people b4 y'all do inconsiderate stuff

Bout to fix me a big bowl of cereal and watch in the heat of the night...

Olsen needs to learn to hang onto his receipts...

Trying to return something at Office Depot but lady said I can only get store credit. What am I supposed to do with $100 @ OD?? 

Plus, more on his own girth:

Just booked a flight. Middle seat, no other option. Sorry in advance to whoever is sitting on either side of me. 

Woodyard wishes he could stoop to the fans' level:

why do fans get to cruse at the players but we cant say anything? thats not fair at all...@thatdudepatrick you say just because we get paid its okay to curse and call us names but when one player yells back its wrong?...dont get me wrong i feed off the yellin of fans and i love it...some1 just told me to basically shut up and just play!!!!!(that's 5 !) sir yes sir! but thanks for saying i have good genes and working hard

BLloyd appreciates Brian Dawkins' having introduced him on NFLN's Top 100 Players show:

@BrianDawkins thank you for those kind words. So cool!

And another funny elevator exchange for Wesley...

A white couple in the elevator Said I love how they did your hair! I said it's my natural hair waves on waves on waves

Demaryius Thomas is apparently the early bird of his house:

Just got done with rehab...Workout at 2...Got home from rehab this lazy dude @E_Decker is still in the bed sleep..

Braxton Kelley may be a tough guy on the football field, but as far as babysitting goes, not so much...

Frustrated cuz I don't know if my baby cousin2 is really potty trained He sat on his pot wit his pants on.Can't tell if pullup is wet or not...Im a bad babysitter. This 1hour is Goin by so slow...Somebody give me a hint. Diaper didn't smell like nothin...Nevermind everyone the mother just came back...@SpoiledGrl it was my first time ever babysitting and only an hr had me stuck! I felt helpless...Im glad she came back cuz it was gonna be tough for me to touch to see if pee was in that pullup. Lol but one day I guess ill have to

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Tweets of the Week