Tweets of the Week: Planking memes and smelly kicks

Britt Davis is a bit irked by the whole planking phenomenon, and he apparently got flamed for sharing that opinion...

I can MAYBE understand young kids doing this "Planking" not knowing history but all you so called grown ups should be ahsamed...And someone already died from doing that please #DoBetter Society...this is embarrassing for all people not just black people...“@iamjennashea: shutup and #plank! @only1BDavis7” lol off twitter for the day let me know when it's safe to come back plankfree

Hmm. It sounds like Davis and Lance Ball got some incorrect info on the provenance of planking, which according to most related articles online is attributed to some folks in Australia who started the "Lying Down Game" only a few years ago...

What source you get this from ?!?! RT @Spoony29: I repeat : #Planking is a racist term used for stacking slaves in slave ships...Ok since my homie @Spoony29 schooled me on #planking >>>everybody need to chill out with it. Depicts a terrible time in black history!!!

Sure would be interesting to hear Davis, Ball and Brandon Minor discuss the merits of planking:

hey @BarackObama i think its bout time you plank bruh

Wes Woodyard gave the State Farm jingle a try, to no avail...

Hit a dolly n the middle of the highway so I was n the car singing the state farm jingle..And yea it don't wrk in real life lol so don't try

Don't expect to see Kyle McCarthy or Brady Quinn doing any ads for United Airlines anytime soon...

KM: Never fly United. Worst airline ever.

BQ: @KMcCarthy34 could they care any less about their passengers? I'm surprised they provide seat-belts.

KM: @BQ9 sooo heated right now. Ill be at DIA for the next 5 hours if you need me.

BQ: @KMcCarthy34 going back to God's country so that would be a no but thanks for the offer

D.J. Williams has a solid method of screening his calls:

Does anyone else have a no file in their phone? Deleting someone isn't enough cause u may accidentally answer it. Just save them as No!

Lance Ball got a tattoo on his elbow yesterday, and then he paid the price:

Getting tatted on the elbow is torture!!!!!!!...Can't bend my arm this should be fun...

Demaryius Thomas is proud to be a Colorado resident:

Just had a wonderful dinner with my neighbors and kids, gotta love colorado families.. They r so nice out here

Zane Beadles conquered Red Rocks, and here's his reaction:

It's official, 300 pounders were never meant to run Red Rocks... Makes it even more rewarding #fatmanrun

Perhaps his day of finding surprises at home makes up for Woodyard's highway accident?

some1 left there ipod at my place. hahahaha hehehehe *evil laugh* and im not going to give it backkkkkkkkkkkk...yes! its no greater feeling then to reach in ur pockets and find money! its prob been about 6mths since i last wore these sweats. $200richer

Let's hope Cassius Vaughn knows what he's talking about, and firsthand...

Realizing why some player are good why some are great and why some are just players.....#mindset

In case you were wondering why D.J.'s name is Genos (I was)...

@PRESSURE91 I asked pops where my name came from he said your full name is Genovese Derbino Williams. Shid I need a ponytail. I been a Dyme

Sounds like Britt Davis encountered some real weekend warriors last week:

Hoops for Ronald McDonald House great event altho think sum guys forgot they were at a charity event #HoopDreams

Pet peeves of Ryan Harris:

#waystoirritateme burp in the car an leave the windows up...#waystoirritateme smack when eating, grow up. Haha

Ryan Clady sees similarities between soccer and NBA players:

I like that ESPN commercial about soccer player faking injuries, but it should have been about the NBA lol

Ball was a part of that workout the other day that included Julius Thomas for the first time:

Great workout today throwing the ball around with @BQ9 @bkelley6456 Matt Willis an new to #bronconation Julius Thomas

Meanwhile, Thomas is at his football playing weight but can apparently still get it done on the hardcourt:

Still laughing how the old school hoopers came out of retirement and smashed the new cats at PSU. Still our gym, 5 games to 0. Hahaha...I even got a couple dunks. Still elevating at 255.

Orlando Franklin checked in from the rookie symposium:

Thanking the god for landing safely. The next few days at this rookie symposium should be fun...Meetings all day...Headed back to the hotel for a quick shower. Then back in meetings for the rest of the night.

Clady sure does deserve more respect from Broncos fans...

Saw somebody off the golf course with a Tebow jersey on and ask where their Clady jersey was... Reply " Who's that ? " lol

Only took me months to figure out why Chevis Jackson's Twitter handle is @SneakerChev: guy is obSESSED with sneakers!

@_MAYOR_ it's #footwearfriday what u wearing up there in NYC...#footwearfriday here ya go @_MAYOR_ All purp Barkley ...#FRESHSTEPs #FRESHSTEPs #FRESHSTEPs #FRESHSTEPs In atl July 8th sneaker give away 595 north. Come kick it w @TwentyAte28 @EBBennett80...Ppreciate the kind words!! RT @FootFarm: please follow @SneakerChev he's certified on twitter & certified with the Sneaker Heat...Wow are u trying to put yo 2 cents in RT @ebsdaboss: #footwearfriday GIRLS always look better in Jordans!! ...That's it? RT@TheShoeGame: Confirmed: Ray Allen Air Jordan 13 PE drops at House of Hoops Boston & Solefly in Miami on July 16 Retail is $160

Meanwhile, Brandon Lloyd needed and got some advice on how to keep his smelling fresh:

Damn y'all can't get the foot funk outta my favorite nike air max. :-( they are gonna have to be trashed... ...@gorox1983 I tried gold bond baby powder and both together. Foot funk prevails...@nuggetfan4life naw man since 04. I told you they are my favorite. I got two pair cause I knew this day would come...@DenverBroncs420 googling ozium now. Lmao...@nuggetfan4life those shoes are legendary. If this ozium works I'll get another 5yrs or so out of them. Lmao...@gorox1983 it's that smell you don't mind but everyone else is like "get out fool!"...@Theopaulson they look dope when I wear them with jeans stop hating grin...@Theopaulson the picture doesnt do them justice...@celia357 fabreeze is no match to the smell these shoes are putting off. Some shoes you just can't help but go sockless in then this happens

Apparently the Broncos still have a kangaroo court, although it's not issuing any fines during the lockout. Beadles took advantage of this lapse by going for a pedicure, and then sharing a pic of it on Twitter!

@ryanharris74 @e_decker 1-fine free lockout. 2- that Sounds about right for deck...Good thing it's fine free lockout... #fatmanwandering 

Eric Olsen is not impressed by the journalistic priorities of the NY Post, although Beadles called him out on the topic:

EO: Finding a rich guy's ATM receipt is front page worthy? How about giving us REAL news. #NYPost #supermarkettabloid 

ZB: @EOlsen69 I do recall someone else being infatuated with a rich guys receipt... #lookinthemirror

Champ is back to tweeting, and he doesn't get this whole planking thing either...

whats up with this planking? guess i need to google it

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