Tweets of the Week - Mustachioed ladies edition

We can't talk lockout all day, can we? I know I can't, nor do I want to. In that spirit, it's time to again churn up the ole' tweet machine, folks! As I expressed in our first installment, please try to take everything that follows (the players' tweets and my commentary) with a generous pinch of salt. These are young men who have spent much of, if not their entire lives chasing the dream of playing in the NFL. Life perspective, proper spelling and grammar don't always fit in or go along with that pursuit - so while we're making light of their tweets, we probably shouldn't view them as painting accurate pictures of who these young men really are. With that in mind, let's see what our favorite players have been up to of late...

It's not just normal Joes that have insecurities - the Pros do too, as expressed by D.J. Williams...

You ever see a guy, and be like damn how did he get her? I wanna be that guy. I wanna out kick my coverage @WoodDro59

On the flip side, Wes Woodyard continues to show that he's comfortable in his own skin:

Watched the notebook for the 1st time last night and it's the best romance movie every!...The notebook had my eyes all scratchy and and this water like fluid came from my eyes but it wasn't tears though... It wasn't tears... Lok...If you didn't cry from watching the notebook then u must have never been in love, don't know how to love, never gave love or u just cold

And although we don't know if Braxton Kelley will ever crack the Broncos' 53-man roster, he's already got his teammates' respect:

@DjWilliam55 hey man that braxton lol out kicked his coverage med school master light skin smart all dat

Woodyard has most definitely not been to Brooklyn, San Fran or Portland recently:

Walking to my seat and what do I see?? A lady popped out one of her tig ole bitties and just started breast feeding. Ain't that some ish lol...I wonder if the flight attendant will tell her to put away the Bosom like they tell people to store their cell phones...Ding... will the lady in row 12 seat B please store your left breast so the pilot can taxi the aircraft! *why the pilot got a milk mustache*

Someday down the line, the nephew of Demaryius Thomas is going to be none too pleased with his uncle...

Funniest thing I've heard in awhile, lil nephew get out bath and tell his mom his wee wee broke so he gets tissue and wrap it up lol..

It would appear that Woodyard met a Raiderette the other night:

She was real pretty nice voice long hair and then damn got closer and had that lady mustache lol wax dat wax dat *diddy voice*

Brian Dawkins on his all-time favorite hits:

“@sirfundrickboyd: Yo @BrianDawkins , what was the best hit you ever put on someone in the NfL?” Probably the one on Mike Vick

“@LarryTrillips: @BrianDawkins what about the one on Crumpler?” another good one. LOL. And a standing 8 count for

Zane Beadles is apparently going to be spending a LOT of time at the driving range during the lockout...

Just got $175 worth at the range for $100... Wait did I just get suckered? Sound too good to be true

Von Miller wants to make sure he doesn't forget where he came from:

Could somebody draw me up a Texas A&M tatt??

Plus, Von is looking to put down some Texas?

Jus got done working out at mjp.. I feel great! Now house shopping for some hrs..

Finally, Von has a message directed hopefully at the QBs and RBs of the NFL (or is it the world?):

"I'm shark, y'all jus koi fish"

Dominic Douglas has been getting some interesting advice on women, and he's sharing:

These old school players said they don't want a chick under 160lbs...These old school players going in...They said a white woman doesn't keep up all the fuss as black women lol... #oldschoolmen...They said white woman are raised to take care of their man but black woman are raised to donate to theirs lol

You think Orlando Franklin fits in any of the rides?

Thinking about going to Universal Studios this weekend.

Unfortunately for Stink, CBS chose not to pick up his television show...

Sad news for #Home Game CBS didn't pick us up. I'd like to thank all of my peeps for the support sorry it didn't work out.

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Tweets of the Week