Tweets of the Week: It’s the End of the World

Let's open today's Tweets with a few Rapture-related thoughts from the Broncos. As always, we're just looking for a few lighthearted laughs here, and everything is a direct quote, innocent misspellings and grammar goofs inclusive:

Brandon Minor - So ummmmm, which 6pm does the world pose 2 end cuz ima switch time zones on that azz and hit the club

Quinton Carter - The world possed to end at 6?! Where have I been...F it! I know what I'm bout to do!

Rod Smith - So the world supposed to end in 15 minutes? Whats one thing you gonna try and get in before its over?

Minor again - I wonder how many ppl thought they was gonna die havin sex at 6pm this past Saturday

Eric Olsen - Well partying like the world was ending seemed like a great idea... Didn't plan on paying for it today though #falsealarm...I bet that dude Harold Camping is pretty pissed huh?

Von Miller is a guy who gives in to curiosity. After all, why go through life wondering?

“@LAshoelace: #Shoutout to the people that open up the tissue and check out their snot after they blow.” ---> That's Me!!! Haha

Nice to see a bunch of the guys hanging out together...

I have a couple rounds of virtual golf to play but lets goo "@CassiusVaughn: @KMcCarthy34 @EOlsen69 I'm coming by the house today what's up"

Britt Davis wasn't looking forward to the Denver weather:

My Denver folks what that weather lookin like out there need it to b right for my arrival tomorrw #betNotbeSnowing...With these weather updates I jus got may have 2 tell @TimTebow to meet me sum were tropical and SAFE to workout sheeez

And once he got to town, the altitude hit Davis hard:

Nose is already on fire haven't even been in Denver an hour #helloaltitude

A little TMI from Dominic Douglas:

I feel like going skinny dipping tonight

Chevis Jackson has some sensible advice for former Raiders TE Zach Miller:

Yea stay off the boat bro RT @ZMiller86: Does anyone have any secrets to preventing sea sickness!?!?!?

Ryan Harris is trying to resist the siren song of Wendy's...

#itshardwhen you are tryin to be healthy and Wendy's sells $.99 spicy chicken sandwhiches... #battle

I don't think Dan Gronkowski has a future as a sommelier based upon his food/drink pairing last week:

Sweet and sour chicken, rice, milk and watching the Bulls take it to the Heat. #priceless

Zane Beadles is excited to have 1,000 followers and is offering up some prizes:

Alright! 1000 followers! Since you were all here at the beginning there will be 5 winners in my first autograph contest. Stay tuned!!...The first 5 people to answer my question correctly will get a follow and an autographed pic...If I were to become an animal, what animal would I want to be??? #cuejeopardymusic

Make that 999...

#unfollwed @zanebeadles

Kyle McCarthy and Eric Olsen had a little bit of a spat over Bulls/Heat:

I am no longer #friends with @KMcCarthy34. Just want to let everyone know...

@EOlsen69 worst friend ever #unfollowed

#thingsbadfriendssay "you're not my friend if you root for the Heat." @KMcCarthy34

Wesley Woodyard found some new fans the other day...

Just got off the elevator with 6 black women. I said hello how are y'all doing? They all chimed in Heyyyyy we better now! I love my sisters

Britt Davis would like to stick around in Denver...

Hope I'm blessed to b in Denver for a long time luv this city and all my #Bronco fans #1 in the world fa real!

Tim Tebow met Bono the other night:

Great to meet Bono & learn more about @ONEcampaign last night @atU2 concert. I truly admire how he uses his platform

Dominic Douglas on the ladies of Atlanta:

I have seen crazy hair styles on women down here... One woman cut off her hair and just had one patch of hair on the tip of her head

If you're going to quote Einstein like Eric Olsen did, you should probably punctuate properly...

Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on it's ability to climb a tree, it will live it's whole life thinking it's stupid

David Bruton on his substitute teaching:

On my way to school to teach these kids some math...They're Taking A Test This Class. So I'm Relearning Algebra AND Geometry. Just learned the factoring to a trinomial and binomial equations...Plan Period. Time To Snack. First 3 Periods Werent That Bad At All.

BLloyd on the nuances of eating breakfast:

When eating a brkfst have to know when to dip and when to pour. Don't get overzealous...always be a step ahead!

Thankfully, Quinton Carter is no Dominique Strauss-Kahn...

The maid jus walked in on me NAKED! So awkward!! Lmao

Orlando Franklin may measure in at 6'5" and 316, but he's an admitted scaredy cat:

Fun fact about Orlando, I'm hate scary movies can't stand them, and terrified of them.

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