Tweets of the Week - Flintstones Vitamins, big man pedicures and stank breath

We've heard/read a gajillion times that the Broncos are likely to pursue a veteran free agent RB or two this summer, and just about every speculative column tabs DeAngelo Williams as a prime target for Denver. One name we haven't seen thrown about much is that of the Ravens' Willis McGahee, who is due to make $6 million in salary in 2011 and with whom Baltimore is said to be seeking a cheaper deal. Apparently D.J. Williams, McGahee's teammate from their Miami Hurricanes days would love to reunite with his old pal, or at least adopt some of his workout recovery wisdom...

DJ: @WillisMcGahee you need to be on my team! I'll play some Fullback for u too...@WoodDro59 I figured out why @WillisMcGahee been working out like a beast. My dog still take flinstone vitamins. I'm headed to wallgreens...@WoodDro59 I also seen @willismcgahee make a protien shake wit breast milk. He said it helps with his recovery.

WM: @DjWilliam55 @wooddro59 so that's how u feel...@DjWilliam55 @wooddro59 I'll giVe y'all the secret when I come over.

I wonder if Julius Thomas can consult with Von Miller (who minored in poultry science) about how people treat their pet birds?

So I see this lady rubbing faces with the bird on her shoulder. Weird! But while she was driving....#extraweird !

Oh, D.J. Williams. Does this really line up in your mind? I mean, seriously...

Never made a mistake, but I've made the bad decision.

Some fine workout advice from Cassius Vaughn to the fairer sex...

Ladies if you going to workout don't come to the gym with make-up and fake eye lashes on...cone just workout this is not a contest

Jerk chicken, meet Wesley Woodyard:

Dis jerk chicken at the ft lauderdale airport is FiFiFi...Fi...You ever eat some food so fast cause it was so good that.. You're light headed and dizzy after u eat it? Yup yup gooddddddddd

Stanley Daniels shares his thoughts on women/relationships/music:

I hate when a new CD comes out, and ALL the sudden every girl is going thru drama, or breaking up, or whatever that song is saying! Lmao...just bc beyonce say something dont mean u can say it. Why when a new song come out every girl makes there relationship into that song?

Cassius Vaughn is not impressed by your "modeling" pics:

Just cuz you take professional pictures don't make you a are just a #picturetaker

Orlando Franklin will apparently not be accompanying Zane Beadles on a spa day anytime soon...

At the salon getting my hair done thinking about getting a pedicure twitter fam what you think ?...Twitter fam I was just playing I just wanted to see what yhall would say lol. I don't plan on getting a pedicure ever lol

Brandon Minor's hairdressing advice to the young mothers out there:

I hate when moms mess up there lil girl hair like they know what they doin, poor child ain't even 8 yet and hair breaking off

More hair talk, this time from Woodyard:

I remember my mom used to wear her hair in a French roll or finger waves back in the 90's but arahhh I ain't kno people still did that

Sounds like Orlando Franklin needs a better wingman or two...

I promise yhall when I meat females from on I am gonna hav 2 do a whole back ground check on them couse I'm tired of kickin with da crazy 1s

Robert Ayers apparently works with the same people I do. Who knew?

Just got hit by two fragrances of stank breath... "Hold Up" & "Was That Real"... Ever smell them? Lol...2nd day in a row where I wake up and talk to someone and they breath smell like they been eating doo doo mints... His suit was clean tho....That or Honey Nut shitteoes.. Or Frosted Farts RT @RamonFoster: Lol doo doo mints? @1_900_ayersjr

Hopefully, whoever hosted Brandon Minor on the Fourth isn't following him on Twitter, else they start doubting their own culinary skills...

4th of july food messing my stomach up, it got so serious in the bathroom i had 2 take a pants leg off

Meanwhile, it's unlikely the mosquito who got Robert Ayers on Monday is on Twitter. But if it is...

Shout out to this mosquito that bite me and flew away... When I catch you its a wrap.... Lol

Woodyard cannot resist the Twitter addiction...

The flight attendant trying to catch me on the phone she done walked by 4 1/2 times talkin bout "buckle your seatbelt".. my light ain't on

More gym advice, this time from Lance Ball:

How you put a cigarette out an then walk in the gym. C'mon man.

Minor on claims of innocence in the bedroom:

For every women out there is a man that can make them say "well I usually don't do this"

It's always nice to have the extra armrest, right Julius Thomas?

Reverse prejudice at its best. No one wanted to sit between me and the black lady so I had a empty seat next to me.... lol #LIFE

Lance Ball's dog had a bit of fun yesterday at the expense of his owner...

Just jumped in the pool to get my dogs rubber ball that fell from balcony. Bring it back upstairs an he rolls it again off the balcony smh.

Julius Thomas taking on the heat with a bit of retail therapy:

Today I think I shall go to Sprint and get the extended battery for this EVO...That's it I'm going to buy a nintendo DS today. And I'm getting Zelda 3D. I hate free time! Oh and I'm getting the Big Sean cd

Demaryius Thomas told D.J. Williams we're sure to see him on the field sometime this season:

@DjWilliam55 coming good bro.. Imma be good, just gotta be patience but ill be out the with ya this season...@DjWilliam55 yeah I kno... I'm not rushing nothin just wanna be back and stay healthy

D.J.'s response...

@DemaryiusT I'm good, tired of working out I just took a week off, my body was getting tired.. Keep grindn n be patient

Good day for Eric Olsen on the links on Friday:

Eagled a Par 4 today...

Olsen's reaction to the Casey Anthony verdict and some mature thoughts about the U.S. justice system:

Damn that's wild... Feel bad for the little girl though...Seriously though, would you rather a guilty person walk? Or an innocent person be put to death?...@MrsJDiNaso She may very well be guilty, but if she's not and they killed her, That's way worse than her walking. You have to uphold the law...@MrsJDiNaso it's not a perfect system. But prosecutors have to prove she did it. She doesn't have to prove she didn't...@cheryltweedy Sure the law is upheld! It's not the systems job to hand out death penalties. Take your emotions out of it and be logical

And Ayers' reaction to the verdict:

Literally sitting here tryna think of something to say about this Casey Simpson, I mean Casey Anthony case but I can't. Check wit me later...Casey Bundy, I mean Casey Hannibal, I mean Casey Simpson... I mean Casey Anthony.. Darn it.. Forgot what I was gonna say... Be right back...Breaking News on ABCD News: Casey Anthony co-starring Oj Simpson in new tv sitcom "2 Can Play That Game". Premiers Summer 2012....Man I'm mad my DVR don't work... I missed that new Music Video by Casey Anthony and Plies " Jury At My Place"... I think its a slow jam...Performing at BET 2 Music Awards Show.. Casey Anthony does a remake of classic hit" Murder She Wrote" lol ok I'm done.. But kno I'm mad....

D.J. Williams, relationship philosopher. Ugh.

Having money, or good pu--y doesn't give u control in a relationship. The 1 who is not afraid for the relationship to end has all the POWER

At least I can agree with D.J. on this one...

I can live on cheese, crackers & salami for at least a week.

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