Tweets of the Week: Customer service and Words With Friends

Time to see what the Broncos have been doing with all their free time over the past week of the lockout. As always, all Tweets are unabridged and unaltered, innocent/humorous misspellings inclusive. Have fun with them!

Not sure what was worse for Wesley Woodyard: having his credit card stolen, or having to deal with his bank's customer service rep:

I got yelled at on the phone by a costumer ser operator. He said YOU CAN NOT go over ur limit! I said it's a new card I'm calling to change...My limit can you help! Well I'd like to but sir YOU CAN NOT exceed your limit! So I say look my cc got stolen so this is a new one and I...Have to set it up and adjust this card like the old one. He says Ohhhh like he understood me and then said Sir(u guessed it) YOU CAN NOT...Go over ur limit even though u have money there NO! So I'm keepin it coo like hey just do what he says just to get ur card fixed! Wrong!...this Convo is going on for like 15mins I'm hot I'm on the beach the sand is starting to burn them Lil hairs off the top of my toe is Dat hot...So after he yells at me again I finally ask him what can I do over the Phone to change it he's like oh you wanted to change ur limit on your...Card? I'm like yesssss then he says SIR I CAN not help you! And said take yo card to CO and do and then hangs up after sayin have a nice day...So now I'm here fire hot(Mad) and burning up! 15min Convo of straight getting punked! Couldn't do a thing bout it!...the moral of the story is never call costumer ser when u r on the beach cause they might hold your money from u so u can't enjoy the beach

D.J. Williams, whose given name is Genos, has changed his name on Twitter to read "Genos Sheen" presumably in honor of Charlie...his idol?

"Been a dog for so long, doing right feels wrong" El Genos

Lance Ball agrees with Eric Olsen on hockey....

Who watches the Stanley Cup Finals ????? Booooorring

Although Olsen did have more to say on the topic:

This #StanleyCupFinals is way more exciting than the #NBAFinals.

Meanwhile, Olsen's been watching flicks and taking them to heart of late:

Rachel McAdams in #WeddingCrashers makes me depressed...Think I'm gonna name my first son Thor.

Von Miller on his own competitiveness:

I'm so competitive it's crazy.. I hope my kids get this trait!!...If I lose in FIFA, 2k11, NCAA, or any video game.. I'm honestly heated.. I take it personal!!

D.J. and Rod Smith talked about meeting up for Game 6 of Mavs/Heat and their jobs:

DJ: “@slimthugga: Who wanna go with me to the game tomorrow in Miami?” you buying?

Rod: @DjWilliam55 ill buy tix. Court side. Pay for my flight (first class) . Limo from airport. Suite in trump towers. And twizzlers.

DJ: @TheREALrodSmith ol skoo! You'll prob fall asleep at halftime it's a late game.

Rod: "@DjWilliam55: @TheREALrodSmith ol skoo! You'll prob fall asleep at halftime it's a late game. Yea right. Yng buck You better get some rest...@DjWilliam55 you need a damn job

DJ: @TheREALrodSmith all I do is workout and nap...@TheREALrodSmith I might work at jamba juice...@TheREALrodSmith I'm coming to work for you, what are ur benefits? Lol

Rod: "@DjWilliam55: @TheREALrodSmith I'm coming to work for you, what are ur benefits? Lol" #1 BENEFIT. CASH son...@DjWilliam55 and free coffee.

DJ: @TheREALrodSmith nah, I need medical , sick days, pension, a female secretary and some Jordans smile

D.J. on self-awareness:

For all you girls that say," I dnt think I'm the typical girl" every girls says that, so you actually are smile...Aye, I aint like all these other football players, I'm different! Lmao... What's the first thing u think of when I say that..

And some perspective from Von Miller:

I have a wonderful life, and a blessed lifestyle.. Sometimes I forget that.. hmmm...No matter who you are, someone is always willing to trade places with you.. So be grateful! grin...Nobody has it all.. Nobody..

Epicurean tastes from Olsen:

Snickers Ice Cream bars are probably #1 Best food item in the world.

And while we learned last week that D.J. prefers Wendy's nuggets, Ryan Clady disagrees:

These chicken nugget commercials about to get me to hit McDonalds lol

D.J. turns to TLC for some life advice:

I need to stop chasing waterfalls & stick to the rivers and lakes that I'm used to.

Clady apparently thinks he was the target of some racial profiling, and Eddie Royal chimed in...

Clady: Got pulled over today, Cop said it was because of the Tint #YeaRight

Royal: @RyanClady Ha! What you tryna say

Clady: “@eddieroyal19: @RyanClady Ha! What you tryna say”<-- its hard being a brother sometimes lol...“@_brunk: @RyanClady "Pulled u over for a number of reasons lol" Sorry bro they do too much out here somtimes..”<-- LOL...@_brunk CHP be bored, all the other cops got real stuff to do...“@EvanGoudy He was outside his car as backup for another cop, front windshield...@_brunk its all good didnt get a ticket

While Von Miller was apparently caught up in a case of mistaken identity...

Lol. #truestory.. Dude called me with a atl area code, told me to stop F$&@ing with his B$&@&.. Told me "you gon have to see me mane"...Cont. Told me he was a street n$&@@, I started laughing so he hung up.. Called bk in 2min and said he had the wrong number. Dudes goin crazy...He said "I'm real so I had to call u bk" "I ain't gon put his name in the street but, he gon have to see me mane" Hahahahaha

Woodyard loves sushi, and the after effects...

oh godddd that sushi was great! if you are ever downtown miami go to SOI best sushi and fried rice ever! its between 2nd and 1st street...fried rice $9. sushi roll $8. bottle water $2. the look on a person face after they walk through your fart on a hot windy day PRICELESS!!!

For D.J. it's pointy noses that make for attractive women; for Von Miller it's something else...

I love women with beautiful hands and feet! #must not to big on the hair.. Hahahahahaha!

Cassius Vaughn: not exactly upset about the Heat losing to the Mavs in the NBA Finals...

Shout out to all the people the rode that heat train and just fell off...How are all my heat bandwagoners o I mean fans

Plus, a little bit of trash going back and forth between Vaughn and Eddie Royal about playing hoops and Words With Friends, which is apparently dominated by Champ Bailey:

Royal: @CassiusVaughn you gon be in denver next week?

Vaughn: @eddieroyal19 yeah what's up

Royal: @CassiusVaughn check it up...I'm gon come hoop...played yesterday n um niiiice

Vaughn: @eddieroyal19 wow bruh you weak and please don't think I am gone go easy cuz you small

Royal: @CassiusVaughn I don't play no D jus shoot 3's n cherry pick

Vaughn: @eddieroyal19 yeah you weak...when you get back

Royal: @CassiusVaughn weds night...aint seen you on them words wit friends in a min either I'm 0-46 vs Champ

Vaughn: @eddieroyal19 you sorry you just got to stop playing him

Royal: @CassiusVaughn Nah its gettin me right now I would mash you...I'm the second best on the team..4th dawk n Nate nice

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