Turkey Lard 11-25-10

Happy Thanksgiving, Broncos fans! Robert Ayers was a full participant in Wednesday's practice, while DJ Williams was limited as he recovers from a concussion he suffered Monday. As earlier announced, Demaryius Thomas, Andre' Goodman and Darcel McBath are all out Sunday.

Whether you're with family or friends, traveling or hosting, we hope you enjoy the day! At IAOFM we are thankful everyday for your readership and for helping us grow over these past couple months. Thanks for all of your intelligent comments, the laughs you provide us all, and for your praise. You have made IAOFM a worthy endeavor and we will continue striving to make it better. Thanks again, and Happy Turkey Day!


NFL Films previews the game.

Josh McDaniels and Kyle Orton met with the press yesterday.

Robert Ayers, Mario Haggan, Knowshon Moreno and Daniel Graham spoke to reporters yesterday (Audio).

If you're angry with the Broncos, Haggan is cool with that.

Matt Bowen is puzzled by the talk of starting Tim Tebow.

Ayers thinks he could have played Monday, while McDaniels explained why the LB was held out.

Arnie on the recent emergence of Knowshon. Wow - healthy O-line, healthy Knowshon and suddenly the guy doesn't suck. Go figure.

LJ on the few INTs Orton has thrown. What would be more appropriate after Monday is all of the near-INTs he threw...

Notes from Klis - Andre Brown is on the road again, as Shanny signed him off Denver's practice squad.

Today marks Woody's 100th mailbag. He says Mr. B hates the orange jerseys. For shame!

Woodrow's column about the depths of depression has had a profound effect upon some DP readers, as this fine SI article shows. Thank you, Woody - for writing from the heart and making a difference.

Mason looks back fondly upon Denver's 2005 Turkey Day visit to Dallas, made memorable by a 55-yard overtime run by Ron Dayne.

The Gronkowski family used to have to cook a lot of food on Thanksgiving, what with FIVE sons and all.

Legwold on what honors may lie in Tom Nalen's future. If he's not a HOFer, then what center ever deserves to be one?

Here's what Krieger is thankful for.

What it means to be a Broncos fan, simplified. (Thanks, BroncosLady!)

Old friend Mike Heimerdinger has been diagnosed with an unannounced form of cancer. Our best goes out to Dinger and his family.


Legwold points out that Sam Bradford is no ordinary rookie.

As Legwold details, the Lambs have thrived in the first quarter of their games this season.

Bernie Miklasz applauds the job being done by Steve Spagnuolo.

Plus, several notes on the Lambs.

St. Louis can expect back WR Danario Alexander, who had been out following knee surgery.

Several players are growing beards this month for prostate cancer awareness.


Will the Dolts be able to make their typical late-season charge with a banged-up receiving corps?

Vincent Jackson is still butt hurt about not getting paid.

Although he got axed a couple years ago, Carl Peterson had a lot to do with the Chefs' success this year.

Babb's notes on the Chefs.

Jarvis Moss makes for the 14th first-rounder on Jokeland's roster.

Corkran says Jokeland has built themselves up through the draft.


The NFL and the players' union reportedly made progress in CBA talks.

Old friend CP is heading to IR.

Vince Young apologized to Jeff Fisher via text message. Seriously.

Former second-round WR Devin Thomas is off to yet another team as the G-Men picked him up.

Here's what Bowen is looking for in today's games.

Andrew Brandt on the UFL transfer fee.

Brian Burke's game probabilities favor the Broncos this week.

Kyle Orton slid to a fourth-place tie with Tom Brady in Luis DeLoureiro's QB ratings.

The Broncos are 26th in Mike Silver's weekly rankings.

Toni Monkovic checks out the leaders in point differential.

Here's what MJD is thankful for in the NFL. Plus, he looks at the current playoff picture.

KSK captionizes Week 11.

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