Trivia Trough: We’ve updated all of our Sporcle quizzes

Since the news is slowing to a standstill, I decided to go through and update all of our Sporcle quizzes.

Here they are, for your trivial pursuits:

  1. Broncos playoff opponents
  2. Broncos First-Team All-Pros
  3. Players who have appeared in 100+ games for the Broncos
  4. Broncos' 1st-round draft picks
  5. Broncos' 2nd-round draft picks
  6. Broncos QBs with 300-yard passing games
  7. Top 25 Broncos in terms of career receiving yards
  8. Players who have had 100-yard receiving games as Broncos
  9. Broncos with 1,000-yard rushing seasons
  10. Players who have had 100-yard rushing games as Broncos
  11. Players with 10 or more sacks in their Broncos careers
  12. Broncos' yearly sack leaders
  13. Players with 10 or more touchdowns as Broncos
  14. Players who have returned punts for TDs as Broncos
  15. Super Bowl Broncos of note
  16. Various guys named John associated with the Denver Broncos
  17. Notable figures in Broncos/Chiefs history

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Trivia Trough