Orton deal “is dead”; Mebane back to Seattle

11:33pm ET - Armando Salguero writes that the Dolphins have not given up on the idea of dealing for Kyle Orton. Of course they haven't. (Thanks, Nick!)

10:20pm ET - FOX 26 Sports in Houston is reporting that Denver is among several teams interested in Texans FB Vonta Leach.

9:27pm ET - Can't say I knew this was a likelihood, but Ryan McBean is back with the team after signing an exclusive rights tender.

7:53pm ET - The Broncos' players voted unanimously to ratify the new CBA and recertify the NFLPA as a union

7:39pm ET - Like Matt Prater, Wesley Woodyard has also signed his $1.835M tender but cannot practice until Aug. 4

7:19pm ET - Omar Kelly of the Miami Herald says Orton is seeking "Kolb type money" from the Dolphins.

7:19pm ET - According to John Fox, Von Miller suffered a bruised quad, while Quinton Carter was takne off with heat stress

7:19pm ET - Brandon Mebane has decided to return to the Seahawks.

6:55pm ET - Please scroll down for stories on the Orton and Tebow bonuses, plus the release of Correll Buckhalter, Daniel Coats and Mike McLaughlin

6:31pm ET - Uh-oh. Quinton Carter has been carted off the field at Dove Valley, while Von Miller also left with a leg injury but walked off on his own power.

6:29pm ET - Matt Prater has signed his $1.835M tender. Why do all these writers insist on rounding off figures?

6:27pm ET - How's this for a shocker? Nnamdi Asomugha has agreed to join the Eagles, who to my knowledge were never mentioned as showing interest in the ex-Raiders CB. Asomugha will get $25M in guarantees as part of a 5-yr $60M deal.

5:45pm ET - Well, our questions about the Orton roster bonus have been answered - Andrew Brandt says it hit at 4pm ET today, and he thinks the Broncos will not trade Orton after paying that out. But really, just like with a draft pick, is $1.5M enough to sway the team one way or the other? Shouldn't be...

5:45pm ET - As Klis confirms and has been pretty clear all along, the Orton deal has broken down due to Orton and Miami not agreeing on a contract - it wasn't about compensation to Denver. Meanwhile, Dave Hyde of the Sun-Sentinel says the deal is dead "barring unforeseen circumstances."

3:36pm ET - The Broncos have finalized the contract of Nate Irving. All 2011 draftees are now signed.

3:24pm ET - The Pats have released 6'5" 300 lb. DE Ty Warren; Ted Bartlett thinks he'd be a fit for Denver; he was a 4-3 DT at Texas A&M. Meanwhile, TJ thinks Warren would be a versatile piece for Dennis Allen's defense.

3:10pm ET - There's only one thing that's changed for the Broncos in regards to Kyle Orton, and that's what they will get back for him in a trade. The reasons to start Tim Tebow instead of Orton remain the same; they did not hinge upon what return Orton would bring. This wasn't a matter of "If we can get a 2 or a 3 for Orton, let's start Tebow." Rather, this is "We know what we have in Orton, and we're not building around him long term. So, let's see what we've got in Tebow." He showed enough in December to at least deserve that chance, and at this point Orton is simply a commodity.

Whether the Broncos miscalculated the QB trade market or the Dolphins did (not expecting to have to pay Orton as much as he's asking) is neither her nor there. Orton has one year left on his contract, and the Broncos are free to trade him whether Orton likes it or not. The likely worst case is not the Broncos cutting Orton and taking a cap hit of around $2.9M; it's trading Orton to Miami without a restructured contract and getting a much lower draft choice in return.

1:28pm ET - Basically, the Broncos have agreed to terms with McGahee, but they weren't supposed to announce that they had. So, it would be a shock at this point for the deal not to be consummated, and someone may get into a bit of trouble for this. But expect the deal to happen.

1:07pm ET - Jason La Canfora and Mike Klis are both reporting that the McGahee deal is not yet final. Obviously, we'll keep you posted

12:35pm ET - John Clayton says the Dolphins are passing on Kyle Orton, for what that's worth at this juncture. Matt Moore? Really?!

12:30pm ET - As noted in the entry below, the Broncos have agreed to terms with RB Willis McGahee on a three-year deal with $3M in guarantees and a total value of $7.5M. Personally, I love this deal, especially in comparison to DeAngelo Williams and the $21M in guarantees he received. McGahee is only a year and a half older than Williams and will cost one-seventh the guaranteed money. Obviously he's not an elite back, but he will provide for an excellent complement to Knowshon Moreno.

11:30am ET - According to the Oregonian, Miami is signing former Panthers QB Matt Moore to a two-year deal worth $5M that could reach $7.5M with playing time incentives. Not sure how much this will figure in the Denver/Miami/Orton talks, but it has to count for something. (Thanks, Dennis!)

10:47am ET - John Clayton expects Brandon Mebane to remain in Seattle, but he says to "watch out for Denver."

10:47am ET - Clayton says the Broncos "had a $6.555 M re-allocation of cap dollars that gives them a cap of $126.93 M" which I presume to be some sort of admission that they have plenty of cap room, as we've been saying here for days. We'll see if he clarifies it...

10:13am ET - Just to point your eyes to it, Ted has posted an article about the Broncos' remaining options at DT (there are still several) right below this entry

9:31am ET - Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald says the Dolphins and Orton are no closer today than they were yesterday to agreement on a new contract. Plus, he hangs onto the telephone-game-generated notion that the Broncos are lacking cap space, which they're not.

9:25am ET - Adam Schefter now says Orton to the Dolphins is "on life support."

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