Landri, Fells, Hatcher to visit

10:19pm ET - Sadly, Arnie Stapleton says the Broncos have been priced out of the competition for Brandon Mebane's services.

7:34pm ET - Former Cowboys DE Jason Hatcher is also visiting the Broncos tomorrow.

6:34pm ET - Former Rams TE Daniel Fells will join DT Derek Landri in visiting Dove Valley tomorrow.

11:49pm ET - Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post reports that the Dolphins have had initial discussions with former Panthers QB Matt Moore.  It appears as both the Broncos and the Dolphins have alternative plans in case this trade doesn't happen.   In other words, the Dolphins aren't blinking either. - TJ

10:05pm ET - The Eagles have agreed to terms with signed Vince Young to be the backup for Michael Vick, so scratch VY off the list of options for the Dolphins...

8:20pm ET - CB Johnathan Joseph has signed with the Texans, which means Nnamdi Asomugha to the Jets is even more likely.

7:32pm ET - Sacco says the Irving deal is not quite done yet, and why wasn't Rahim Moore already in town?!

6:13pm ET - How are these for classic Bill Belichick moves? This morning, he traded a fifth-rounder for Albert Haynesworth, and now he's dealt a late 2012 pick and a late 2013 pick for Chad Johnson.

6:00pm ET - With the negotiations for Rahim Moore and Quinton Carter completed, the Broncos have now agreed to terms with all of their 2011 Draft picks.

4:30pm ET - According to Schefter, the Broncos have signed Von Miller.

4:13pm ET - The NFL's waiver wire just opened at the top of the hour. Most of the names we'll see go by are those who have already been announced as expected cuts, although of course figure upon a few surprises. For Denver, Renaldo Hill ($2.4M salary), Andre' Goodman ($2.88M) and Brian Dawkins ($6M) are possibilities, although Goodman's value to Denver probably increased with the Perrish Cox case and Dawkins has said he'd renegotiate. But you never know...

3:50pm ET - Klis confirms that DT Derek Landri will be visiting the Broncos tomorrow.

3:18pm ET - See how this telephone game works? Captain Journalism doesn't read the CBA, incorrectly states the Broncos are right up against the cap, and other writers pick up on the notion. So, now Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald floats the idea that Miami simply has to wait until August 4 and Denver will cut Orton because they desperately need the cap room. WRONG.

3:18pm ET - La Canfora says the Broncos are pursuing Panthers DT Derek Landri and will have him in for a visit as soon as tomorrow.

3:07pm ET - Perhaps the unproven Kolb isn't a great example of this, but keep in mind that the new rookie wage scale and "guaranteed spend" feature of the new CBA are most definitely impacting the size of these veteran payouts, as I was just telling my good friend Eric Weddle.

2:57pm ET - In case anyone was wondering the holdup on the Orton trade, this should offer some clarity. Kevin Kolb has agreed to a renegotiated deal with the Cardinals which will pay him ZOMG $20M $21M in guarantees as part of a five-year deal worth over $63M. Kolb goes to Arizona in return for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a 2nd-round pick in 2012. This deal has to affect the Orton/Miami talks in some way.

3:02pm ET - Florio says the Cullen Jenkins-to-Washington talks are now dead, as the Skins have instead signed Stephen Bowen. Either Jenkins made a late push for more cash, or someone else swooped in?

2:53pm ET - Here's video of Fox speaking to reporters after practice.

2:35pm ET - Now that he's a lineman again, Robert Ayers is wearing #91.

2:32pm ET - John Fox claims that Renaldo Hill did not practice due to dehydration. Not sure I'd buy that one...

2:23pm ET - Former Saints DT Remi Ayodele has signed with the Vikings (Thanks, Royalwithcheese)

1:38pm ET - Orton said he expects to be the Broncos starting QB, and that he was not approached by the team about restructuring.

1:30pm ET - Thankfully, Kyle Orton appears to have made it through practice unscathed. I know, call me paranoid. To boot, the guy had to answer questions from the press. Gotta feel for the guy - he never had a chance in Denver once Tebow was drafted...

12:48pm ET - In other news, the Niners have cut CB Nate Clements and are still bidding for Nnamdi Asomugha, although the Texans are reportedly in the lead for his services.

12:22pm ET - Klis pointed out this morning that Brian Dawkins cannot sign a reworked contract with the Broncos yet, nor can he practice. However, I believe Klis' timeline is incorrect - he says they can sign a new deal today at 6:01pm ET, but I believe it's at that same time tomorrow (Friday), not today. Klis is correct in stating that Dawkins wouldn't be able to practice before Aug. 4. I also believe Klis is wrong about the two sides not being able to negotiate a deal - obviously, plenty of veterans are having their deals reworked - they just don't take effect until tomorrow evening.

11:53am ET - As for the potential cap hit that would result from Denver releasing Orton (unlikely), I believe this is how it would work: he's guaranteed $2.879M of his 2011 salary (which is $7.379M) and has a $1.5M roster bonus due at some point (I'd guess much sooner than later). So, his full cap figure is $8.879M and a pre-bonus release would mean a $2.879M hit with $6M in savings, while a post-bonus release would mean a $4.379M hit (which would also be actual cash paid out) and provide $4.5M of cap relief. If and when Orton is traded, there should be no cap hit at all...

11:17am ET - LJ says Renaldo Hill has not been seen and floats the idea he could be cut. Hill is due to make $2.4M in salary and count for $2.775M against the cap. Releasing him now would result in a $750K cap hit and provide $2.025M in cap relief.

11:13am ET - Cross your fingers, Broncos fans. Kyle Orton is practicing.

11:00am ET - The Sun-Sentinel's Omar Kelly says the Broncos, Dolphins and Orton's agent are all "playing hardball"

10:52am ET - Just to clarify my last point, there is no reason to risk an injury to Orton. Unlikely? Yes. But we have all seen plenty of non-contact injuries take place in NFL practices. It's just not worth taking the chance...

10:41am ET - In a mind-blowing development that will hopefully pass without incident, Kyle Orton is in uniform and on the field for the Broncos' first practice this morning.  If he takes even one snap, this is the first exceedingly dumb move/decision by Denver's new hierarchy.

10:16am ET - Stokes has changed his mind on joining Shanny's crew of aging receivers.

10:01am ET - In a strange comment (perhaps a negotiating tactic for the benefit of an agent for someone like Willis McGahee?) John Elway told Vic Lombardi that "Ronnie Brown is out there."

9:59am ET - Another DT off the board? Florio is hearing that Cullen Jenkins is close to a deal with Shanny and the Skins.

9:27am ET - Schefter says the Dolphins have agreed with Reggie Bush on a new 2-year deal to complete their trade with New Orleans. Orton next? - 10:21am ET - Andrew Brandt says Bush will get $10M over two years.

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