Orton likely headed to Miami

6:07am ET Thursday - Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald places the chances of the Orton deal happening at only 60/40, for what that's worth

11:50pm ET - Jason "TV Dude" LaCanfora is reporting that the Broncos are pursuing former Colts DT Danny Muir.  Muir is relatively unknown, but if you are a combine freak, you'll probably remember Muir posted better numbers than Brandon Mebane, who was in the same draft class, in almost all categories.  Particularly impressive was his bench press (37 reps).  In other news, the Rams are in the mix as well.  The Rams and Broncos are now pursuing every DT on the planet...at the same time. - TJ

12:40am ET- We've been told that NBC Channel 5 out of Colorado Springs has reported that the Broncos and Dolphins have agreed in principle on a trade that will net the Broncos a 2nd-round draft pick for Kyle Orton (thanks, CompUser).  We'll see how this shakes out soon.   The report has, thus far, been unconfirmed by other sources.  Other reports have indicated the pick is a conditional 3rd-round pick. - TJ

10:58pm ET - Seems like Omar Kelly was speculating upon speculation, so forget that talk of Kolb getting a huge contract, at least for now. Ahh, the dangers of Twitter...

10:42pm ET - The Vikings are finally officially out of the QB hunt, as they have finalized their deal to acquire Donovan McNabb from Washington. In return they're sending a 2012 6th-rounder and conditional 2013 6th-rounder to the Skins.

10:31pm ET - Reports that Kevin Kolb will get $30M in guarantees as part of a new deal with Arizona could be throwing a wrench in the Dolphins' negotiations with Kyle Orton, as Omar Kelly speculates.

8:53pm ET - The Dolphins and Orton have yet to agree on a new contract, and that's the only holdup at this point for a trade.

5:09pm ET - Klis says the fourth team in on Mebane is New Orleans, although he's hearing that Denver and Seattle are the frontrunners.

5:05pm ET - Mike Lombardi says the Broncos are competing with St. Louis, Seattle, and one unnamed team in the Brandon Mebane sweepstakes.

7:53pm ET - Doesn't appear to be anything new on the Orton or Mebane fronts, but the Chiefs have reunited WR Steve Breaston with Handshake Haley, while the Seahawks have landed Sidney Rice.

5:47pm ET - So much for that last thought from Klis. Andrew Mason says Orton is back in the building.

5:26pm ET - According to Klis, the Broncos and Dolphins have been "feverishly working on" the Orton trade, and only a new contract is left, not that that's a trifling detail. The Broncos' players, including Orton, have left the building for lunch and will be back for John Fox's opening meeting at the top of the hour. Klis figures that Orton will not be among the attendees.

4:53pm ET - Scott Hanson of the NFL Network is reporting that the Dolphins have no interest in Vince Young and are now putting all their focus on Orton exclusively.

3:11pm ET - The Broncos are building up a lot of cap room, folks. Once they deal Orton away, we're talking about getting into the $25M-30M neighborhood, so I'd suspect they're setting up to make some big moves - not just one.

2:56pm ET - This frankly sounds like a negotiating ploy to keep the Dolphins' attention, but Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald says the Broncos are considering the option of renegotiating Orton's contract and holding onto him. Meanwhile, Dave Hyde of the Sun Sentinel is making the case to skeptical Dolphins fans that Orton is worthy of being their team's starting QB.

2:44pm ET - Albert Breer says Orton to Miami has come down to whether the two can agree to a new contract. Hard to imagine they'll leave each other at the altar - it makes too much sense for both parties not to...

1:49pm ET - As expected, the Browns are releasing QB Jake Delhomme, whom many have pegged as Tim Tebow's backup in Denver.

1:38pm ET - DeAngelo Williams has indeed re-signed in Carolina for $21M in guarantees as part of a 5-year, $43M deal. Thank you, Panthers!

1:27pm ET - Mike Klis expects DeAngelo Williams to re-sign with Carolina

1:27pm ET - Of the Denver/Miami Orton talk, Adam Schefter says "Both teams would like to make it happen."

1:22pm ET - Here is our updated list of Denver's UDFA signings, along with links to pre-draft profiles for all of them.

1:21pm ET - Michelle Beisner is reporting for NFLN that an Orton-to-Miami deal could be done within six hours' time.

1:05pm ET - The Broncos have officially announced their UDFA signings; it turns out they did not sign Patrick Hill or Justin Jones, and previously unreported names are DT Ronnell Brown from James Madison, LB Derek Domino of South Dakota State, WR D'Andre Goodwin from Washington, OT Adam Grant of Arizona, LB A.J. Jones of Florida, and FB Austin Sylvester of Washington. I've updated the post with these names and will add links to their draft profiles shortly.

1:05pm ET - Eric Weddle has chosen to re-sign with the Chargers

12:44pm ET - As trade speculation continues to swirl, Orton has indeed reported to Dove Valley for today's start of training camp.

12:33pm ET - The Miami Herald says the Dolphins have re-signed DT Tony McDaniel, whom Klis had floated this morning as a possible target for Denver.

12:14pm ET - Mike Lombardi says the Panthers are the leading suitor for DeAngelo Williams, and that the Broncos and Giants are also in the mix. Lombardi expects Williams to make his decision sometime today.

12:11pm ET - Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel writes that the agents for Kyle Orton are talking new contracts with multiple teams including the Dolphins, and that Orton "has some say" as far as where he ends up being dealt. Kelly says that Orton is Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland's first choice at QB and that Orton is seeking an average annual salary of around $6M for his services.

Orton reportedly wants assurances that he ends up with a team that doesn't view him as a temporary solution after his awkward situations in Chicago and Denver. According to Kelly, Orton and Brandon Marshall "are still friends" and that BMarsh would welcome a reunion with Kyle, and Kelly speculates that Miami's options beyond Orton are to acquire either Marc Bulger, Brady Quinn, Matt Moore, Vince Young, Jake Delhomme, or Derek Anderson.

11:55am ET - FWIW, Greg Gabriel thinks that although Kevin Kolb has turned out a better pro than he'd expected, Gabriel (who was part of the Bears' college scouting department when they selected Orton) would pursue Orton over Kolb if he were Miami or Arizona.

11:43am ET - Just to run down the recent happenings, the Jets have given Santonio Holmes $24M in guarantees as part of a 5-year deal and have competition from the Texans and Niners for Nnamdi Asomugha. Plus, the Skins have signed QB Kellen Clemens and WR Donte' Stallworth.

10:41am ET - Vic Lombardi says the Dolphins are offering Denver a third-round pick in return for Kyle Orton. Hard to imagine the Broncos end up turning that down, unless of course someone magically comes up with a better offer.

9:58am ET - Former Broncos GM Ted Sundquist says the Broncos have about $17M in cap room and reminds us of the dangers of reading the work of Krieger and Captain Journalism.

9:55am ET - Klis believes the acquisitions of Donovan McNabb by Minnesota, Hasselbeck by Tennessee, and Tarvaris Jackson by the Seahawks, and Arizona apparently being close on getting Kevin Kolb from Philly means the Broncos are down to dealing with Miami for Kyle Orton or hanging onto him in wait of a QB injury somewhere.

9:51am ET - Speaking of setting markets, Barry Cofield's deal in Washington is a very reasonable six-year deal which guarantees him just $12.5M, with a total value of $36M. However, it seems doubtful the Broncos could land either Brandon Mebane or Cullen Jenkins for that kind of contract...

9:42am ET - Jared Tokarz hears the Broncos are "making a push" to sign Willis McGahee. Plus, he says they're also among the teams interested in Chargers S Eric Weddle.

9:39am ET - Matt Hasselbeck has apparently agreed to join the Titans, so we'll hopefully soon see what that means for the market for Kyle Orton.

Again, keep it here all day for the latest in moves and rosterbation!

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