Tragedy at Arrowhead Lard

Good Morning, Broncos fans. There's some horrifying news coming out of Kansas City today.

Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher reportedly killed his girlfriend at a residence this morning, before going to Arrowhead, where he committed suicide in the parking lot, apparently in the presence of Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel and GM Scott Pioli.

Belcher was a fourth-year linebacker who joined Kansas City after going undrafted out of Maine in 2009; he was born and raised on Long Island, in New York.

Our thoughts go out to the families involved, and the Chiefs organization, players, and fans.

The team is scheduled to host the Panthers tomorrow, and the league has not yet decided whether to go ahead with the game.


Videos: John Fox speaks after practice, Chris Hall reports for BTV, and NFLN's Playbook crew break down the matchup with the Bucs.

Brandon Stokley (hip, wrist), Chris Clark (illness), are listed as questionable along with Robert Ayers, who is mourning the loss of his father; Four Buccaneers are probable, and none others are listed on the team's injury report.

PFF's Steve Palazzolo says the key matchups will be between Peyton Manning and the Bucs secondary, Gerald McCoy and the Denver offensive line, and Vincent Jackson versus the Broncos' corners.

Jeff Legwold examines some Denver keys to victory, and John Fox's decisions to defer possession to the second half.

The Broncos already have more than double the production this year out of their tight ends than they got in 2011. Likewise, Kevin Vickerson's contribution has increased exponentially, his weight is up, and his salary is down.

Greg Schiano's Bucs are potentially on their way to the biggest turnaround of a run defense in NFL history. Of course, this comes at the expense of ranking last in passing yardage allowed and pass defense efficiency.

Andrew Mason predicts an eight-point Broncos win; Patrick Southern thinks Denver will win by fourteen.

Looking ahead to Baltimore in Week 15, the Ravens have won 15 consecutive games at home, and have outscored Denver by at least 11 points in each of their four meetings there. Of course, this all qualifies as trivia, not statistics. Can't wait for all the dummies to write about what the Broncos' 0-4 record in Baltimore has to do with their upcoming matchup.

Littleton eighth-grader Peyton Manning met his doppelgänger at Dove Valley yesterday.


Oakland has not decided to cut Rolando McClain, as had been expected - they've instead suspended him for two games, citing conduct detrimental to the team.

Jay Cutler was fined $10K for taunting; four Raiders and Bengals lineman Andrew Whitworth were fined $26,250 each for fighting during last week's game; Bengals WR Mohamed Sanu is likely done for the year with a stress fracture in his foot.

Lions WR Titus Young is not exactly popular within his own locker room.

The LOLJets may finally allow their national championship-winning backup quarterback to play tomorrow. You know, Greg McElroy. 


Now that they're back on a losing streak, Mike Lombardi says the Saints never had a chance to succeed without their head coach Sean Payton.

Peyton Manning ranks sixth-best on Scott Kacsmar's list of QB turnover rates. John Elway is 51st, while Kyle Orton is 14th(!) and Brian Griese, Jay Cutler, and Jake Plummer are clustered from 71-73. On a related note, it's been a year since the hacktastic Kerry Byrne tried to tell us that the Ultimate Teammate™ protects the ball better than anyone in football. Good times.

Zane Beadles joins former Broncos Chris Myers and Cooper Carlisle among linemen who have played the most snaps this season without allowing a sack, and of course, Ryan Clady and Orlando Franklin are on the list of tackles who've given up the fewest sacks.

No Broncos make FO's list of the top special teams tacklers, but Omar Bolden and Nate Irving each have nine such tackles according to PFF.

Bill Barnwell says we shouldn't make too much of Matt Ryan's 0-3 playoff record, and he's undoubtedly correct about that.

Because Ohio State beat Michigan, Tom Brady had to wear a Mike Vrabel OSU jersey during practice this week.

Clark Judge, Peter King, and John Clayton preview the week's games; Brian McIntyre and Bill Simmons make their picks, and of course, Simmons is taking the Bucs.

Here are the listings/announcer pairings for today's conference championship games, plus the prospects Bucky Brooks will be watching for; Missouri DT Sheldon Richardson will enter the 2013 Draft.

Sporting News writer David Whitley is a racist f#$%

So, David Whitley doesn't like tattoos, and thinks those who sport them - except for white quarterbacks - look like convicts. Niners QB Colin Kaepernick has a bunch of (religious) tattoos, and Whitley thinks this makes Kaepernick look like a thug. Whitley also has two adopted daughters of African-American heritage, which in his book disqualifies him from being a racist (it doesn't).

We're not going to do a better job of explaining what's so disgustingly wrong with Whitley's column than Doug Farrar, Jarrett Bell, Gwen Knapp, Drew Magary, Christmas ApeRyan Wilson, and yes, even Mike Florio do, so let's just let their takes stand on their own.

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