Thursday Trivia Trough: Punt return TDs

I’m sorry, folks. I haven’t refilled the trough in quite awhile, and you must be starving for some Broncos trivia. Perhaps I could throw you a meatball to make up for it, but that’s just not how I operate. Plus, it’s only Thursday so you’re much less likely to be hungover than perhaps you will be tomorrow? I’ll have another edition of the Trough tomorrow, and a somewhat easier one, at that.

But today’s trivia is tough, and it will likely favor the older readers here at IAOFM. Quite frankly, this question would kick my butt. Seventeen different players have returned punts for touchdowns as Broncos (only four of them have done so more than once). How many of them can you name? As always, click below for the quiz and post your scores in the comments (No peeking or cheating!). Good luck, you’ll need it!

Click here for Sporcle Quiz:

Broncos who have returned punts for TDs

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