Thursday Trivia Trough: Notable figures in Broncos/Chefs history

It's Chefs week in Denver, which means one thing. Actually, it means a lot of things - incessant Montana/Elway/MNF replays, talk of the best rivalries in pro sports, comparisons between Josh McDaniels and Todd Haley, and questions of who has the better home-field advantage. Let's test your Broncos/Chefs knowledge with a Thursday edition of Trivia Trough. We've compiled 16 questions regarding some of the most memorable figures in this cherished rivalry. Some will bring up fond recollections, while others will summon nasty demons. As always, last names suffice. Although Sporcle defaults to making you submit answers in order, you can click on specific questions to skip around or ahead. Good luck, post your scores in the comments, and of course no cheating or peeking!

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Notable Figures in Broncos/Chefs History

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