Thursday Trivia Trough: Broncos first-round draft choices 1967-2010

Bye weeks can be tough, especially when your team is 2-6 and sitting in last place like ours is. But we’re almost to the weekend, folks. In fact, here’s an extra Thursday edition of Trivia Trough to help you along. As you probably know, the Broncos have been around since 1960, when the AFL was formed. But college stars had no interest in signing with Denver, despite the Broncos’ best efforts in drafting future HOFers like Dick Butkus, Merlin Olsen, Bob Hayes and Paul Krause. This all changed in 1967, when the Broncos finally were able to sign a first-round draft choice, a certain running back from Syracuse who would later be known as “The Franchise”. Since then, the Broncos have drafted 37 players in the first round - some stars and some busts. Let’s see how many you can remember. As always, each player’s last name will suffice, no peeking or cheating, post your scores in the comments, and best of luck!

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How many of the Broncos’ first-round draft choices since 1967 can you name?

PS - If anyone asks “What about Elway?” I would suggest brushing up on Broncos History 101…

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