Three-way tie for second place!! Lard 9-14-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! I’m a little tired and my ears are still ringing from seeing Spoon last night, so this may not be one of the more smoothly flowing Lards. Is that yucky imagery? Sorry, haha. I’m going to borrow something from my favorite Mets blog, Amazin’ Avenue over at SBN. As you all know, athletes, coaches and especially announcers, tend to make comments that could be interpreted in a suggestive and hilarious (or gross depending upon your interpretation) manner. At AA they call it the “unintentionally sexual quote of the game,” and at least for now I’ll call it the “Big Fat Innuendo of the Day.” Clearly, this will not be a daily thing, as I don’t plan on searching out these instances. They just tend to um, pop up…

Broncos Stuff

DB - Video of Josh McDaniels’ Monday presser

DB - Six Broncos are among the 113 preliminary nominees for the HOF - Steve Atwater, Terrell Davis, Karl Mecklenburg, Shannon Sharpe, Louis Wright and Dan Reeves.

DB - Gabe Hiatt shares a bunch of quotes from the Broncos, including our very first…

Big Fat Innuendo of the Day

“With Tim’s package, if it was something that gave them trouble, we would stay in it maybe a little bit more,” McDaniels said.

DP - LJ examines the biggest gaffes of the game, including having 10 guys on the field for Marcedes Lewis’ catch-and-run TD. Um, whoops. Hmm. I hope Legwold doesn’t come up with his own headlines. I really do. Hoping against hope, in fact…

DP - Thankfully, McD says he won’t be shuttling Kyle Orton on and off the field whenever TT is involved. Legwold takes a closer look at Tebow’s um, package.

DP - DT’s status for Sunday is uncertain, while Ryan Harris will miss another game. UGH.

DP - In case you were wondering, creating turnovers would be a good thing for the defense to do. Plus, the O-Line has to do better. Shocking revelations from the DP!!!! Who knew?!?!

DP - Klis answers questions from a bunch of happy, shiny shiny, happy people (I told you I was tired…).


The Chefs took down the Dolts on MNF Part Deux. Well, that’s good. At least we’ve got that going for us…

Clearly, one September loss is for San Diego is cause for concern!

Other Stuff (Creative subtitle, right? Thanks!)

*Whoops, missed this! Our good friend Ted Bartlett has a new entry on his blog, wrapping up the week better than PK or Don Banks could ever dream of.

Oh, well. Apparently, The Greatest Ever isn’t really the Comeback King. Whatever. He’s still the Greatest!!!

A fellow Broncos fan named Ian Nicol wrote a football column for the Times the other day, pondering the possible disappearance of “Mean Old Football” after 2010. Plus, he throws in a beautiful YouTube clip for good measure.

Mike Lombardi thinks the Broncos’ O-Line is a mess right now.

Andrew Brandt sees the threat of decertification as a valuable weapon for the NFLPA, as unlikely to use it as they may be.

Some interesting numbers from Mike Tanier. I believe Peter King refers to these sort of things as “factoids” (scroll down to #6).

The NFL, NBC and the Nat’l Science Foundation are joining forces to help teach kids how football is interpreted via science.

Unfortunately, more sad and dark news on the concussion/brain trauma front.

Do you think Josh McDaniels would ever consider bringing this guy in for a pregame motivational speech? I mean, he’s got a MASTERS DEGREE…..IN COMMUNICATION!!!!!

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