Those Dolphins sound like a swell group of guys

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! A day after several Dolphins players came out in surpisingly vocal support for Richie Incognito, more possible evidence of his inhumanity emerged.

According to a 2012 police report, an inebriated Incognito allegedly molested a female volunteer at the team's annual golf outing. The well-known brute allegedly touched the volunteer's private parts with a golf club, grinded his junk on her buttocks, and emptied a water bottle in her face.

Meanwhile, David Cornwell, who is representing Jonathan Martin, hit back with more details on how his client was treated during his time in Miami.

According to Cornwell, Martin "endured a malicious physical attack on him by a teammate," and his attempts to befriend his tormentors were a textbook reaction to having been bullied.

Cornwell adds that an unnamed teammate said the following to Martin:

We are going to run train on your sister. . . . She loves me. I am going to f–k her without a condom and c– in her c—.

Sort of puts the players' support for Incognito into context; unless Incognito is one quoted, then the Miami locker room is harboring at least one more sub-human among its ranks.

Correspondingly, Martin's agent, Rick Smith, says Martin had problems with more teammates than just Incognito.


Retired Saints and Rams TE Cam Cleeland retells his own hazing horror story - one which left him with permanently damaged vision - and he says that during his time as a teammate of Incognito's, he found the lineman to be an "immature, unrealistic scumbag" and a "locker-room cancer" who "just wanted to fight everybody all the time."

Jason Whitlock likens the Dolphins locker room to a maximum-security prison yard, and says Martin did the right thing by walking away from it.

Gwen Knapp discusses some of the more ridiculous reactions to the Martin/Incognito story.

The KSK staff share their own (mostly honest) recollections of having been bullied as athletes or journalists (shocking to learn that professional sportswriters are dicks).


John Elway sought out Colts GM Ryan Grigson this week for advice on how Jack Del Rio should navigate his interim head coaching job.

Adam Gase credits Mike McCoy for having had the foresight and humility to help Gase become a better coach in anticipation that McCoy would eventually be moving on to a head job.

This year's Broncos are on pace to set a dubious franchise record for most fumbles lost.

After a rough start to the season, Eric Decker has impressively not had a single drop in his last four games.

Broncos Analysis

Paul Klee hopes and thinks the Broncos will re-sign pending UFA Wesley Woodyard; frankly, I had thought during the summer that it would have happened by a month or so ago.

As noted by Pat Kirwan, Denver has been particularly lethal in goal-to-go situations, and Peyton Manning has not taken any sacks down there.

At least Joan Niesen realizes that offense is for the most part what wins games in the NFL.

Mike Klis has to understand that the reason the Seahawks' and Niners' SB odds are worse than Denver's because they play in the same conference and division as each other, right? Right?

Getting physical with Denver's receivers as a way to slow down their offense was never a great mystery; it's more a question of having the personnel to pull it off.

Phil Simms didn't have any special insight on Broncos/Chargers on Thursday, which means he's basically ready to work Sunday's game.


As expected, CB Derek Cox will be back in the starting lineup after having been benched late last week.

OC Ken Whisenhunt is still facing questions regarding San Diego's failure to punch it in from the one-yard line at the end of their game against Washington.

Familiarity with the Broncos and Peyton Manning extends beyond Mike McCoy, to Ron Milus and John Pagano.


Minnesota (2-7) overcame a 27-14 third-quarter deficit and emerged with a 34-27 victory over Washington (3-6) last night; Vikings QB Christian Ponder threw two touchdown passes but suffered a dislocated left shoulder; RG3 threw three touchdown passes in the loss; Doug Farrar, Ben Stockwell, and Sam Monson analyze the game.

Hundreds of Native Americans protested the blatantly racist name of Washington's team last night, with support from former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura.

Not sure what took them so long, but the Packers will indeed work out their old backup QB Matt Flynn, who cleared waivers from Buffalo this week.

Dallas WR Dez Bryant may be dealing with a bulging or herniated disc; Houston has reportedly demoted S Ed Reed from their starting lineup; the Giants placed RB David Wilson on IR.


Andy BenoitMike Tanier, and Tony Gervino preview the week's matchups; Benoit sees favorable matchups for Denver against San Diego's secondary, which brings us back to Kiszla's boilerplate suggestion that defenses have somehow figured out how to stop the Broncos.

Doug Farrar includes Louis Vasquez among his All-Surprise team, but we'll submit Manny Ramirez, Julius Thomas, and Duke Ihenacho as far more unlikely success stories.

Ben Muth studies the play of Cincy's offensive line against the Dolphins from last week.


Due to strength of schedule, Denver fell last week to probabilities of only 54% to win the AFCW, 39% to take home field advantage, and 50% for a first-round bye.

Chase Stuart looks at seasons where a single player has had a large chunk of his team's sacks, including Indy's Robert Mathis this year.

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