Thomas okay, Knowshon not okay Lard 9-28-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! In great news, Demaryius Thomas ending up not needing an X-ray on his arm, as the pain subsided after that final offensive play Sunday. For what it’s worth, Josh McDaniels said Knowshon Moreno’s hamstring injury is less severe than the one that kept him out of the preseason. Meanwhile, Jay Cutler and the Bears are now 3-0 and Peyton Hillis is the next Jim Brown. If these sort of things rile you up, please look at the big picture! The Broncos are headed in the right direction!


DB - Floyd Little received his HOF ring at halftime Sunday. Here’s video of the ceremony.

DB - Here’s the video of Josh McDaniels’ press conference yesterday.

OMF - Ted Bartlett saw good things on Sunday from the Broncos.

FO - So did the FO guys - Aaron Schatz thinks Kyle Orton deserves to be looked at from 2008 on, although he’s got Kyle’s draft placement wrong (he was a fourth-rounder).

DB - Gabe Hiatt covers the bright side from Sunday’s loss.

Kenny McKinley’s funeral was held yesterday in Georgia. Wesley Woodyard was among the speakers. More coverage here from the AP.

DP - McD says the Broncos aren’t about to use Tim Tebow to convert short-yardage plays. Plus, he points out that while Kyle Orton put up some big numbers on Sunday, those stats took a dive when it mattered - on third down and in the red zone.

DP - To no great shock, Legwold says the Broncos took a page from the Patriots’ playbook in choosing not to blitz versus Peyton Manning. He then looks back at the Colts’ Plan B, and forward to Chris Johnson. Plus, he takes a look at what’s ailing the Denver running game. Finally, Legwold assesses how Perrish Cox has played so far.

MD - Andrew Mason examines Denver’s continuing short-yardage problems.

DP - Klis responds to readers questions. You’ll never guess what they’re complaining about. Well, actually you will…


Chase Stuart looks at the Chefs and their hot start relative to historical precedent.

Brandon Flowers is standing out for the Chefs. Charlie Weis had gallbladder surgery.

Several veterans have volunteered to help fix the Dolts’ special teams. Somehow, Marcus McNeill says he feels good about how he handled his contract situation.

We’re not the only ones with issues in the red zone.


Big Oops: Brian Burke linked to us in his Saturday roundup, specifically to TJ’s Huge Decision from last week. Thanks, Brian!

Meanwhile, Brian thinks the Packers should have let the Bears score a TD late to give his team a chance. Shades of XXXII…

Naturally, Mike Lombardi focuses on red-zone failures in the Broncos’ loss to the Colts.

The Niners fired their OC yesterday, a decision Don Banks thinks they had to make.

NFL legend George Blanda passed away yesterday at the age of 83.

Mike Freeman says teams are faking injuries to buy time within games and includes the Broncos’ visit to the Jets a couple years back as a possible example. Meanwhile, Ray Ratto examines a more sensitive issue: players hitting each other where it really, really hurts. Thanks to BroncosLady for the links!

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