Things could be worse…

Clearly, today is not a good day to be a Broncos fan. But you knew that. We’re all licking our wounds, catching heat from our friends and colleagues. In fact, I even had to get down on my knee and proclaim to a guy I work with that he was right and I was wrong, with an audience of 30 or more watching. That was the bet, and he took the Raiders while I of course took the Broncos. Didn’t work out so well for me, and there are cellphone pics to prove it. Beat that, Favruh!

But really, things could be much, much worse for you (and us) as Broncos fans. Let’s consider some of the ways…

16. It could have been a shutout.

15. The Raiders were a paltry 5-for-6 in converting red-zone and goal-to-go situations into touchdowns. Now, imagine if they had gone 6-for-6. Totally different storyline today!

14. This loss could have been at the hands of the Buffalo Bills. What’s that you say? That wouldn’t have made it worse? Oh, sorry. Never mind, then.

13. You could have spent thousands of dollars to see these same Broncos play in London on Sunday.

12. We’re not stuck with Jay Cutler, who threw four interceptions to DeAngelo Hall and lost a fumble at the Redskins’ 1-yard line to boot. If we were here, consider that he’d probably have a hefty contract to go along with it.

11. You could be John Clayton, who wrote last month that Cutler has a 95% chance of being an elite quarterback.

10. Kyle Orton only turned it over twice!

9. At least this debacle occurred with a good chunk of the starting defense and key reserves missing - Brian Dawkins, Robert Ayers, Andre’ Goodman, Wesley Woodyard, Darcel McBath - does Elvis Dumervil count? No, not an excuse, and all teams have injuries. But today would seem even worse had these players all been a part of the debacle.

8. Our team wasn’t a preseason pick to win their respective division like the Chargers (2-5), Cowboys (1-4), Vikings (2-4), 49ers (1-6) or Bengals were. So, we’ve got that going for us.

7. You could be Peter King, who labeled the Carolina Panthers his surprise team of the year and predicted that Matt Moore would be a top 15 quarterback by the end of the year. I doubt he meant in terms of most interceptions or worst QB rating, but maybe we should check with him?

6. The Broncos could have traded a future 1st-round pick to acquire CB Alphonso Smith, given up on him after a year, and then watched as he became a starter for Detroit and picked off a pass in three consecutive games. Say what? This actually happened? You’ve gotta be f$%^ing kidding me!!!!

5. Much worse, we could be rooting for the Vikings, who have their fleeting SB hopes tied to 41-year old gimp and interception machine Brett Favre. Their QB of the future? Probably not in the building.

4. You could be Woody Paige.

3. You could be a fan of the Chargers, who have NEVER won a Super Bowl, have this arrogant jerk running the show, and this abject loser as head coach.

2. You could be a San Francisco fan who will have spent thousands of dollars to see the Niners lose to the Broncos next week.

1. They didn’t score 60!

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