The Ultimate Teammate™ has no team

Thirteen months and eight days after sending Denver a fourth-rounder (Philip Blake), a sixth-rounder (Danny Trevathan), and $2.53M in cash (of which $1,531,875 will be paid Denver this year) in exchange for Tim Tebow and a seventh-rounder (later sent to Seattle), the LOLJets have waived their former third-string quarterback/punt protector.

Over the weekend, and prior to the completion of the draft, New Jersey put out word that the UT™ had dropped fifteen pounds, gotten faster, improved his throwing motion, and won over members of the organization.

When that chum drew no bites, the LOLJets were stuck with their $2,586,875 albatross and his traveling circus, and they have instead decided to wisely cut bait.

It's hard to envision there will be another NFL stop for Tebow, given his public stance that he's a professional quarterback, and a quarterback only.

That's not to suggest he cannot be an NFL player, or that he's not worth giving a chance at another position.

But two shattered quarterbacks (Kyle Orton, Mark Sanchez) later, the potential (or likely) collateral damage to any team that adds the Gators legend has to be seen as not being worth whatever on-field upside he may bring them.

For Tebow to catch on elsewhere, he'll have to make it abundantly clear he's willing to try a position switch, and his rabid fans will have to get that message.

Tebow's playoff-game-winning touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas against Pittsburgh will, for now, be his greatest NFL moment.

Will it also be his last?

Where could he end up?

Mike Florio suggests the Bucs or Dolphins to sell tickets, a reunion with Josh McDaniels in New England, or with new Bears coach Marc Trestman - one in a long line of tutors who took on the fool's errand of fixing Tebow's laborious throwing mechanics - or the CFL.'s Marc Sessler adds San Diego, Washington, Oakland, Seattle, and Cleveland to Florio's list, but if anything, we're pretty sure that Mike McCoy and Dennis Allen each know better. Of course, that's not to say their GMs or owners feel the same way.

Florio has since reported/passed along that PhiladelphiaTampa BaySan FranciscoJacksonvilleChicago, and Seattle have no interest in claiming for signing Tebow.

Timmy has a standing offer from the Orlando Predators of the Arena Football League, if he's humble enough to drop to that level.

Chris Strauss agrees with our assessment of Tebow's chances of landing elsewhere within the NFL, while Dan Shanoff thinks the Pats will take a chance on him.

Tebow's CFL rights are held by the Montreal Alouettes, whose GM says Timmy would be competing to earn a backup gig, were he to head north of the border.

But the problem with CFL speculation is that the Canadian game places an even higher emphasis upon throwing the ball, and with accuracy.

LOLJets experiment

Jets history is filled to the brim with spectacular player acquisition failures, but Rich Cimini believes this one tops them all.

Holding an introductory presser for a new backup quarterback was a headsmacking moment, but it only went downhill from there.

Count Gary Myers among the many who thought this was a terrible move on the Jets' part from the beginning.

As Jason Fitzgerald notes, New Jersey got 134 total net yards of offense (32 net passing yards, 102 from scrimmage) in exchange for $4,104,375, plus those aforementioned draft choices.

Says Sexy Rexy in a released statement:

We have a great deal of respect for Tim Tebow. Unfortunately, things did not work out the way we all had hoped. Tim is an extremely hard worker, evident by the shape he came back in this offseason. We wish him the best moving forward.

Joe Fortenbaugh says that while all teams have distractions, the job of an NFL front office is to minimize them, and for that, he says Mike Tannenbaum failed, and that John Idzik should also dump Buttfumble.

In the Jets' apparent disdain for Tebow, Les Carpenter sees more proof that the only reason they traded for him was the attention.

More Reaction

Here are Timmy's greatest moments in New Jersey.

The Twittersphere lit up with yuks aplenty.

Skip Bayless (of course) had plenty to say about the waiving of his boy, and who knew it was possible to dupe and lie to someone unintentionally?

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