The Raiders are even signing good people now

Just a week ago, we wrote the following about civil rights champion Chris Kluwe:

We'll wish Kluwe all the best, unless he ends up in Oakland, as the Star Tribune suggests is a possibility, along with Dallas, Cleveland, and Carolina. But no matter where he lands, we'll always appreciate Kluwe's justness and support for his fellow human beings.

Well, you know what happened...

It's just more proof that these aren't your (goth stripper) older sister's Raiders, not with Reggie McKenzie running the show.

Begrudgingly, a few highlights of McKenzie's active tenure in Oaktown:

To top things off, instead of serial killers, the Raiders are signing social activists.

What in the wide world of sports is going on here?

At least their starting quarterback is Matt Flynn. So, there's that.

But look out for Oakland - each and everyday, they're becoming less and less of a joke, and are instead starting to resemble a functional organization.

As for Kluwe, we don't wish him luck on the football field, but we're glad he has no plans to tone down his activism.

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