The new roster

I thought that I'd open a thread fo rthose of us who are gluttons smile

Current Roster QB – Cutler, Ramsey

RB – S Young, Pittman, Hillis, A Hall, Torain, Alridge (IR)

WR – Marshall, Stokely, Colbert, Royal, D Jackson, Shepherd(IR)

TE – Scheffler, Graham, N Jackson,

OL – R Harris, Clady, Kuper, Hamilton, Nalen, Wiegmann, Lichtensteiger Polumbus, Pears

DE – J Moss, Engelberger, Ekuban, Dumervil, Crowder

DT – D Robertson, Thomas, McKinley, K Peterson, Clemons, C Powell (PUP)

LB – DJ, Boss, Niko, Winborn, Larsen, Webster, Woodyard, L Green

CB – Champ, Bly, Foxworth, Paymah, J Williams

S – Manuel, McCree, Abdullah, R Rogers

ST – Leach, Prater, Kern

I never thought that we'd solve the problem of too much depth at LB by keeping nearly everyone. 8 LB's seems to be a new things - anyone?  Also, 9 OL is great - we have a lot of depth there now, in case Nails goes down.

To be honest, my only real surprise/disappointment was not keeping Barrett and losing Alridge to injury. Next year, little buddy. Here's to a great year!

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