The Jesus, The Generator and the Experts - Week 2

For those of you who missed Week 1, I’m trying to answer the one question that has eluded mankind:

Are the NFL Experts smarter than an animal or a random number generator?

Each week I put up the picks of my cat, Jesus Quintana, and a random number generator against the experts.  I also put them up against Doug Lee and myself (Doc Bear is always smarter so we left him out), but not because we are experts.  It’s because we really would like to say we know more than Peter King.

I’m also getting the readers of Fat Man in on the action as well.  Quintana tells me he’ll offer up a $15 I-Tunes Gift Certificate to the first FM member who puts in the comment section below the winner and exact score of the Broncos-Seahawks game.  Good luck, you Peter King clones!

So how did The Jesus and The Generator do in Week 1?  Let’s take a look:

EXPERTWinsTotal PercentageEXPERTWinsTotalPercentage
Accuscore121675.00%Adam Schefter91656.25%
Clark Judge111668.75%Doug Lee91656.25%
Jason Cole111668.75%Random Number Generator91656.25%
Les Carpenter111668.75%Chris Mortensen81650.00%
Mark Schlereth111668.75%Jesus Quintana81650.00%
Ron Jaworski111668.75%Michael Silver81650.00%
ESPN Pigskin Pick ‘Em101662.50%Pete Prisco81650.00%
Merril Hodge101662.50%Eric Allen71643.75%
Peter King101662.50%Mike Golic71643.75%
TJ “The Dude” Johnson101662.50%Raiders Fans0160.00%
Yahoo Users101662.50%   

It’s way too early to make any judgments, but I rather enjoy the fact that a random number generator can pick football games better than Pete Prisco.  I also take pleasure knowing that The Jesus has though far proven smarter than two former NFL players.  And it appears (as is always the case) that Raiders Fans look like they are going to struggle this year just a bit.

Hats off to the Accuscore statistical model and their Monte Carlo simulator.  I was hoping that statistics would prove to be a force.  They correctly predicted 12 out of the 16 games.

Doug Lee and I are in a good position to take down Peter King, so pick carefully, King.  Pick very carefully.

And now this week’s picks:

WEEK 2 Random Number GeneratorJesus QuintanaTJ “The Dude” JohnsonDouglas A. Lee

Jesus Quintana tells me he’s out for blood this week after stupidly picking the Bengals last week.  He likes the Patriots this time, and he’s insisting that I make sure to tell you that just because the Chiefs beat the Chargers last week, it’s not time to jump on that train.  They are still the Chiefs.  Quintana is picking Cleveland.  Lastly, The Jesus doesn’t give a crap about the Manning Bowl, but just in case you do, he says Eli is getting his pound of flesh this time.

Yes, Doug Lee and I had the exact same picks.  It’s like we called each other and wore the same tee-shirt to school.  But he’s not changing and neither am I.  So one of us will have to do what they used to do at Whitesnake concerts.  Cut off the sleeves and use one of them as a headband.

Feel free to tell us which picks we got wrong.  Go easy on Quintana, though.  He made these picks before he had his saucer of milk.  How else do you explain his picking against Denver?

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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