The game goes on, Peter, you fool

MHR Regulars are familiar with my "respect" for the insight and analysis of SI's Peter King.  Today, in his weekly Monday Morning QB column, he took the cake, and we can at least be happy that he wasn't directly slighting any Broncos in doing so.

The premise of his stupid article (he's relentlesslt consistent!) was that the suits at the NFL learned a lesson yesterday with Tom Brady's injury, that they shouldn't ever consider lengthening the regular season, because players get hurt.  Where to begin with this bit of foolishness?

The most important point is that Brady's injury yesterday occurred on one freak play, so it's the opposite of germane to a conversation about the length of the season.  If there were a 1 quarter season, Brady would have still gone down yesterday.  It's completely irrelevant whether the season is 16, 17, or 18 games.  The outcome of injury occurring on a given play is a function of a probability of the occurrence of a random variable.  He took a hit on the knee, and got hurt.  These things happen, and there's nothing you can do about it.

The other point is, who in the hell really cares that Tom Brady got hurt?  He's a great player, and New England had the look of a great team with him, but these are the breaks.  Guys get hurt, and other guys have to step up.  Look no further than the postgame words of Bill Belichick himself for a reminder of that.

Sports reporters, by the nature of their jobs of creating compelling written narratives, often forget the hugely important concept that the game is bigger than any player, coach, owner, or team.  The personalities are meaningless in the final analysis.  Somebody will win, and somebody will lose, and it doesn't matter who those somebodies are. 

Nobody would cry for us if we lost anybody from Jay Cutler down to Josh Shaw.  I'm not crying for New England today, and despite comments by opposing players and coaches to the contrary, I guarantee you nobody is, except writers like Petey King and Don Banks.  Some team will win the Super Bowl this year, and some player will win the MVP award.  Neither of these things were promised to Tom Brady and the Patriots.  The games will be played on the field, and the Game will go on.

Side Note:

Here's a PK gem:

6. I think I'm starting to think Carson Palmer belongs in Jay Cutlerville. He hasn't been a commanding presence on the field for some time, I'd say going back to mid-2006, and I'm hard-pressed to think of him in the same league with the top five or six quarterbacks. I did put him there in my top 50 in the SI NFL Preview issue, but after watching him Sunday, I almost wish I could have that one back.

He continually underestimates Cutler in an annoying way, but maybe he was reading my post from yesterday.  He's with me on the Atlanta O-Line and the Rams' general terribleness too.  Next week, he'll probably have an article about the problems Tom Brady may face coming back with less mobility, a la Palmer (and to an even more pronounced degree, Daunte Culpepper, who I didn't mention yesterday.)  Hopefully, he at least has the decency to credit MHR if he borrows that thinking.

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