The flow of the game

Something subtle happened today, for the first time which I can remember in the last two seasons.  The game got off to a terrible start, with the Chiefs taking 10-0 and 17-7 leads.  The Broncos, still a young team, persevered through this bad start, and changed the flow of the game to one which was more favorable.

This was an earned victory, and all parts of the team can claim a part in it.  The offensive game plan was terrific, and well executed.  Except for the soft zone crap on KC's last possession, I liked the defensive plan too.  The execution throughout the game was good, excepting a couple of plays, also.

In honor of the greatest Bronco,here are 7 random thoughts:

1.)  Brandon Marshall asserted himself today, and made some big-time plays.  Guru mentioned this, so I won't belabor it, but I wanted to give it quick acknowledgment.

2.)  I really hope the Hillis injury is short-term.  They are a much less dangerous offense without him.  That said, Tatum Bell did a pretty nice job today.

3.) Josh Barrett was outstanding in coverage on Gonzalez today.  He played him exactly how you have to, which is to be physical with him.  Gonzalez had one great catch for 24 yards on the sideline, with Barrett right on top of him.  On his TD, Barrett was a blitzer, and Gonzalez beat Josh Bell.  His last two catches, Josh wasn't even on the field, and they were playing the soft zone.  It was a great game of executing his assignment for #36.

4.) Great tackle by Dre Bly on Thigpen's 4th and goal run.

5.)  The offense needs Tony Scheffler, and he was huge today in challenging the seams of the cover 2.

6.)  If the Broncos win the next 3 games, and the Jets win the East, our guys will be no worse than the 3rd seed.  If New England or Miami win the East, they would hold the tiebreaker.  I personally think Indianapolis is the toughest playoff matchup for us, and would welcome Baltimore or Pittsburgh instead.

7.)  Wesley Woodyard is a star in the making.  He has really forced the coaching staff to get him on the field even when DJ Williams returns.  And, yes, he got jobbed on that interception.  The season-long repay-Hochuli's-mistake tour seems to continue.

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