The Dude Abides: Limericks to Jay Cutler, we salute you

Last night on MHR Radio, we all agreed that it's time to let Jay Cutler go.  While many have already done this, there are still some of us that are not mature, self-actualized human beings.  We'd like nothing more than to see Cutler fail miserably.   Again. And Again.  And again.

Well, it's official.  JC  has failed.  So badly, in fact, that the Broncos now own the 10th or 11th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. Maybe for fun, McDaniels will let Cutler call "heads" or "tails" on the coin toss.

Cutler finished with the following rankings:

QB Rating: 21st

Interceptions: Last

Yards/Attempt: 19th

Completion Percentage: 17th

But who's keeping track?  Not me.  And not Kyle Orton, who had a much better season.  

But I digress.   This post is to salute our favorite-little-interception-throwing leprechaun, Jay Cutler, without whom our 2010 draft would not be as exciting.

Several members suggested that we  "let go" Limerick style. 

So take your shot.  Here are two of mine.  I kept them tame on purpose.  But that doesn't mean you have to.  And would Jay Cutler really want you to let him go so easy?  After all, he's like a 6.  And you are a 9.  

Coach Says I've Got Skills

Jay Cutler, you stopped at 25?
Still, your red zone legend is alive.
Inside the 20
you give up plenty.
How many coaches will you crash dive?

Jay Cutler, I Raise My Glass to You

A year has passed and I've reflected
On picks and passes unconnected.
You're a piece of work
So I have to smirk
at a nice draft pick unexpected.

Originally posted at MHR

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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