The Dude Abides: It’s Charger limerick time

It´s not Raider week, but still, it´s a division opponent.  So I decided to create a few Charger Limericks.

And besides, I really hate powder blue.  I mean, I really hate it.

As always, give your own Limerick a whirl.  You can probably create an even dozen just from the Tila Tequila incident alone.  And yes, Charger fans, you can play too.  That is if you can actually rhyme and count syllables.

Ode to Phil Rivers

A real leader stands with his team,

But your cries make winning a pipe dream.

     There you are near the stands,

     arguing with the fans

While your title hopes melt like ice cream.


Shawn Merriman Gone Wild

"Lights Out" is a very good catch phrase

for a guy muddled in steroid craze.      

     Now your sacks are so down.

     And Tequilia´s a frown.

So AJ might trade you from this haze.


Old Man Turner

Norv Turner is a very nice cat,

but you don't  take him into combat.

     His record is scary.

     So be very wary

That Al Davis just might want him back.


Know your Place, San Diego

Charger fans, you're looking up again.

It's part of McDaniels' master plan.

     It´s his AFC West,

     where Denver is the best.

So to the bottom where you began.


The Mind of AJ Smith

14 wins and you ran Marty out,

but you found the GM great no doubt.

      You´re such a spotlight whore,

      your head´s too big for the door,

So jettison more talent you trout. 


Go Broncos!!!!

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I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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