The Dude Abides: Curing your Cutler obsession, Part 2

(Note:  This is Part 2 in a 3-Part Series to help you Overcome your Cutler Obsession and get back to Normal Bronco Living.  For Part 1, Click Here.  After Part 3, I will allow Jay Cutler to live in peace.)

Jay Cutler was a Pro-Bowl quarterback in 2008; Kyle Orton, well, he can grow a neckbeard.

But who are we to discrimate against facial hair?  Besides, Raiderettes need love too.

And it's with that spirt that I give you 10 little-known statistics that should make you appreciate facial hair and help cure the hankerin' that you might still have for the little cuddly elf from Santa Claus, Indiana.  If not, just repeat after me, "Jay Cutler, yeah, he is not my favorite person right now."

On to the list!

1.   In 2008, Cutler threw 68% of his touchdowns (17) against the bottom 1/3 of passing defenses in the league.  Lucky for Cutler, the Chiefs will improve, but the Lions won't.   

2.   In 2008, the Broncos gave up a sack every 56 attempts.  In 2008, Chicago gave up a sack for every 17 passing attempts.  Jay, my friend, you are entering a world of pain.

3.  No, his arm really isn't stronger than John Elway's.  In 2008, Chad Pennington had a higher Yards/Attempt ratio (7.7) than Cutler (7.3) and Kurt Warner had more completions over 30 yards (108) than Cutler (88) with virtually the same number of attempts.  Perhaps I missed the interview in which Pennington proclaimed his cannon.  Is it in the Jamie Dukes archive?

4.  In 2008, during the last two minutes of the half or the game, Neckbeard's QB rating was 101.8.  Cutler's QB rating was a 83.6.  It's like the guy came to your house and peed on your rug.

5.  Last year in the opponent's Red Zone, Orton's QB rating was 96.0.  Cutlers?  74.1.  Jay rocks it, however, between the 20s.

6.  Jay Culter is 0-5 vs. Philip Rivers if Ed Hoculi makes the right call.  Enough said.  Mark it Zero!

7.  Cutler's career record is 17-20.  This isn't new.  What you may not know, however, is that the combined winning percentage of the teams that make up those 17 wins is 42.6%.  Jay hasn't been beating up on Spartans, my friends.

8.  In the 4 games in which Cutler has had the playoffs on the line, he is 0-4.  Even Jim Kelly thinks that's not cool.

9. In these same 4 games, Cutler's average QB rating was 76.4.  At first, Jim Kelly thought that wasn't cool, until he realized, hey, at least I got my team to the playoffs.

10.  Cutler threw 59% of his interceptions in 2008 in either his red zone or the opponent's red zone.  Kyle Orton threw 16% of his interceptions in 2008 in the same area.  Somewhere right now, Brian Urlacher is strapping on his helmet....again.

Go Broncos!!!!  Rock the Neckbeard!!!

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I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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