The Dube Abides: It’s Raider limerick time!

In the spirit of demonstrating that Bronco fans are a cultured bunch, I present you a few Limericks....Raider Style.  

Feel free to make up your own.  I resisted the urge to do one about Jay Cutler.  The Raiders just make it too easy...

There was a guy named Big Tom Cable,
Whose sneak attacks were very able
One day he spied Hanson
In meetings just prancin'
So he broke his skull through a table.


Raider fans, Sundays are Halloween.
Another silver and black drag queen?
Your team is so scary,
Your women so hairy,
That the Black Hole isn't awfully mean.


The Crypt-keeper won't draft a team need.
Like Tom Cruise, he's got the need for speed.
His draft board just consists
Of 40-yard dash lists
And unknown guys who likely can't read.


For a Hutt, JaMarcus throws so hard
That sometimes you forget all the lard
But even his rocket
Can't match the soft pocket
When you check down as slow as a guard.


Poor babies, Randy Moss got away
For a 4th round draft pick, you don't say?
Vampire Al had to watch
Himself kicked in the crotch
As Casual Chronic still could play!

Originally posted at MHR

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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